To become the best

I am a mediocre . And from last couple of years i have been so much in trouble i lack confidence i lack communication skill also it becomes hard for me to expect that i am like this way . And when i see my friends they are super intelligent they are great even though they dont study but they scored better than me . people say dont look at others but how when everybody out their is so much extraordinary then why cant i .it not like that i dont do hardwork maybe i do more hardwork then them but still they win maybe its me who is left behind its me who is slow idk but i think something is wrong with me and i need to find that i felt like that i am the odd one among my friends. Nobody knows me well even my friends left me sometimes i felt left out and alone even girls only talk about them not me

So from now onwards enough is enough i don’t want to be like that i don’t want to be that guy who is medicore i want people to recognise me by my work my hardwork and my skills i want people to say that man i want to become like this man i want to be the best there is no going back i want to try try and try harder until i become what i want its not easy but i will try my best


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