To all the women

Dear women,
I’m sorry that I hurt you. Not physically, and not emotionally. You didn’t even know I was hurting you… But I was. I completely destroyed my view of you and all I saw was your body… I spent nights alone trying to hide my shame… Tried to make relationships work but at night I was seeing other women on my phone…

I’ve had kind of an eye opening experience lately.
I really respect you guys! You deserve so much more than a bunch of guys treating you the way we do. We need to start treating you guys like people and not bodies…

I love you guys so much!!



Bruh I don’t know why but I experienced the same feelings yesterday


Everyone will experience same at some stage, when they get mental clearity.

But in reality we should think logically too. So, beware of bad and good people out there. (For clarity:- I am not pointing on women, it’s about everyone)

I am happy for you Chris bro :blush: ( @ChristianMan )

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