Tiredness and fapping

Does anyone else feel really tired after fapping?
Just curious

Thanks for answering!

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In recent weeks, i’m following a different explanation:
We are already depressed, tired, anxious. If we would listen to our body and mind with full attention, we would actually be able to hear that.
But by being absorbed by porn and the internet, we neglect our feelings. We flee from them.
After fapping, we have this moment of clarity, we are aware of what we’ve done and are listening to our body for the damage we’ve done.

As example. Yesterday, i wanted to meditate but after 10min i stopped, because i was just way to tired. I went to bed to sleep but remebered, that i wanted to watch one youtube video, immediately after starting to watch, i didn’t feel the tiredness anymore. But 5min later i closed youtube again, listen to my body, and there, the tiredness was again.


For me, I never meditate just before sleeping or after waking up cause I’ll probably fall asleep
I especially try to meditate when having urges

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Dude, after fapping I become a zombie, I lose energy, focus and willpower to do anything and it takes me about 1 or 2 days to be normal again and my energy levels start to rise.


Well, also you release certain chemicals (can’t recall the correct names rn) during orgasm that make you tired. You feel low after a high.
Hence the stereotype of men sleeping after sex

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@Fafnir Yep! Try just closing your eyes and meditating it helps.
@amadeus Oh that’s interesting…didn’t know that!