Tired very much

Iam getting very much frustrated from relapse unwillingly l have done many relapses within single day without any urge
lam not able understand how to tackle this situation. On my 3dayof streak l relased without no reason and this is not the first time.lam only able to reach 7 days which my longest streak within 6 months of rewire nofap journey
please somebody help me
help me how to get out of all this


You need to start studying the pattern of your addiction, what do i mean by this? When do mostly relapse? At what time? Whats usually the mood? Anger? Sadness? Grief? Loneliness, loss? Anxiety? Tired? Stress? Reflect back and paint a good picture of what the scenario looks like before you relapse, its not only dopamine chase thats you only after, its also what made you go and do it look for the motivating reason behind the relapse, after you have found it work on it and then everything will follow.

Exactly, go to the roots, analyse them, fix them and come back stronger.

Hey there,

What it seems to me is that you have nothing to do or even if you have something to do, you don’t like to do it.

  • Make some good hobbies bro that you really like doing.
  • Try to be more social
  • Do promise yourself when you have such feeling, you are going to tackle it whatsoever.
  • You can try the following ways when you feel like masturbating:
    1. Call a friend/relative who gives you some positive energy.
    2. Improve the quality of your hobby with practice.
    3. In extreme cases, don’t stay alone till your urge is diminished.
    4. Remember what you have promised to yourself.