Tired of peeking and staring

I am on my day 125 of streak which is my highest ongoing streak.I was alone and bored searched for some lustful photos of model then stopped doing it. I have not relapsed which is great and now I am wondering when will I be able to control my urges? when will I stop peeking? I want to be a good, disciplined gentleman. how long streak do I have to mantain to get full control over my urges or should I marry someone is that the only solution??

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Marrying someone might help but it’s not the solution. If I may be honest, urges will always be there. They won’t go. It’s how you handle them that matters. It’s like trying to escape the final exams after each grade and expecting to move to the next grade. It won’t happen like that. You have to face them head on and say fine, I know you’re here but I’m going to ignore you. I hope you pull through!


For me the only solution to avoid this is to stay busy and not be alone but I also want some time alone I like enjoying myself alone but then these sexual thoughts overpower you. I hope one day I will find the balance to manage these all.

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