Tips to use energy

Hi all,
I am typically pretty busy and after 5+ of NF, I have much more energy. It makes me anxious to be productive and paralyzes me. Usually, I will relapse soon after.
It’s like I want to do everything and I end up doing nothing.
Anyone have similar experience? Any help to offer?
Thanks a lot

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I think step-by-step is the key. Don’t make plan for working whole day, but do few small things and then think again.

Yes I have had a similar experience. Use this app called “Daily Goals.” It is a very simple but effective app that lets you set 3 goals (and no more) for every day, and to mark them as done. You can set goals for future dates in advance.

It is an immense help in planning out your priorities and feeling a sense of achievement, without trying to do everything at once and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

You may need to experiment a little initially with regard to what kind of goals you want to set each day so that they are consistently achievable. All the best!