Tips to kill your urges

So there are many types of urge.

  1. Morning urge

  2. Mid day or afternoon urge

  3. The boring urge
    4)Night urge

  4. Morning urge- it is when you wake up early and see that you wake up so early even your alarm doesn’t ring. Now this is the situation that you see that you have time and everyone is sleeping then this urge is in high peek.
    So how to deal with it?
    Ans:- At first whenever you feel this just get up from your bed and go to washroom and splash that water in your face. And then what? Then simply switch on your lights and open your dairy and write it down your to do list and start drinking water. After that freshen up… well done you kill your urges

If this doesn’t work then after freshen up just wear your workout outfit and start doing jumping jacks… and lots of cardio untill you sweat like hell… congratulations you kill your urges

  1. Mid day or afternoon urges:- It is when you finish your lunch and now you are free and now either you rest for some time or check your phone in that time before taking rest then your urges got you.

So how to deal with that?
Either you download a movie or watch a webseries or simply close your eyes and listen music. If it fails then start reading a book “THE PORN PANDEMIC”.
If this will fail then what?
bro I am here ok… just simply open this app and start reading the posts or just simple bro start writing and then just post. Just write so long how you feel and guess what… bro you overcome your urges congratulations man…
The reading and posting method in this app helps me a lot. Even when I write this post, I started writing this because I feel a huge amount of high urges so to kill it I started writing this… whatever let’s continue

  1. The boring urge:- Man you feel bored what the fuck man… simply just open youtube and start watching comedy videos or the best the making of street foods… ohh ho ho… I loved it so much… and guess what bro… I don’t have to tell everytime you kill your urge bro… if this fails then again the reading and writing post in this app is here.

Now the final one

  1. Night urges:- Dude it is around 10pm to 12am. So what to do to deal with this?

Simple just start reading the book “THE PRON PANDEMIC”, If this fails then what?
Just think guys you have to feel yourself bored because during this time you have to sleep. Then just close your eyes and say yourself "switch off everything, switch off my legs, switch off my hands… etc etc… switch everything of your body… suddenly you feel that your legs and hands becomes senseless and after some time you sleep deeply. If this also fails then what? Bro just open this app and start read and write and the. post it… share your feelings.

So hope so you like it… actually I feel so much urges this time that’s why I decided to write this… and now I completely kill my urges.

Hope this helps you a lot … it is my experience. I literally do all this steps to kill my urges… Today is my day 5 and I feel continuously feel high urges.

ok thank you so much to read this.


Wow, this is a very informative post about urges and how to deal with them. Everyone should read this.
Thanks a million :fire::+1:


I appreciate the post


@Sujay786 Very accurate post, thank you for posting. To me, most of the time I relapse during boring urge, loneliness urge, stress urge, fear urge and most dangerous one is night urge.


@Sujay786 Thank you for posting.
The night urges are my weakness… Every night I struggle and I never know what to do to replace the bad habbits. I start doing a lot of things to distract myself and then I spend the whole night awake and struggling, which makes everything harder.
Your tips are very usefull… I’ll try them all… Thanks a lot


Thank you all I just write this topic to escape form the high peek urges… But it is liked my many… I am really glad… And I got such lovely feedback thank you guys… I will keep writing to help everyone and it also includes me.


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