Tips to avoid desire

I would like to ask you if there are any tips to avoid the desire of fapping.

Trust Me There are no Tips for it. I have used a 100 tips but failed.

There is only one Tip :
Try Try & Try Again till you successed

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Hey man
The fight with desire is part of the journey but there are some things that you can try to make it easier. First you have to realize that like every addiction it is a habit and all habits have triggers. Its much harder to fight off urges and desire one you’re turned on. So for me it was a huge deal to identify my triggers and try to either stay away from them or at least be prepared for what’s coming.
Triggers can be environmental like: Being in your bed with your phone with nothing to do, or seeing a picture on Instagram or Facebook
It could be thoughts like: Thinking about some things that turn you on, usually with a girl that you fantasize about
Or emotions like: Boredom, Anxiety (when you have to study or work a lot)
But ultimately you sould think about what’s happening usually when you fap(where are you, how do you feel, what are you thinking about)
Once you’ve hit a trigger and you are turned on the only thing that helped me was to use willingness (check out the Ted Talk on YouTube). I hope some of this stuff helps you too. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


You notice that you like looking at woman right?
Well next time you are home you tell yourself no to do it, soo you got out to shopping mall or for a walk you see a woman, you will probably look just like you always do but since you are working on being unlustful/desire you remember what you told yourself, and look away from that point it becomes a habit too you create a inner voice that reminds you not to, coming from someone who is doing it. All the best