Tips on finding a partner after reconnecting with ourselves?

This is probably the first time in a long time I feel like having a girlfriend. Life is moving fast and in less than a year I started working and I’m moving out soon. In result of this, my needs and wants changed aswell.

I’m still not sure how the relationship would be, but the need to “connect” to someone is there.

I’m also not sure how I’ll adapt this to my shifting lifestyle and mindset, but I’ll make sure this is not only for the sexy part. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the bad English.


While I’m not there yet. One thing I know is, you can’t plan those things.
No matter how much planning. Love is something unexpected and uncontrollable. And that’s the beauty of it!!
And this is the problem between love and lust.
While both may “feel” very similar. They are much different.
When you find someone, you wont know what to say or do. You just be you. That’s what loving someone is all about. You be yourself. And if they love you for being you, and you love them for being them. And you create a connection. Then you have done it. You don’t want to desperately search for a partner because when you rush things, you make mistakes. You just wait and see.
In the meantime, focus on how you can make your significant other pleased, by focusing on yourself.
If you love them, then you must first love yourself.
For once you’re both together. You become one.
Hope this helps!


Trueee, this is the best thing I read today. :cherry_blossom::heart: