Tips for new guys?

I’m new on here. Not quite sure how to use this app… Any tips/pointers?

@Kalin Explore the forums and the features of this app. Get connected. Find somewhere comfortable to establish accountability. If you consider donating to the app it will unlock more features. Welcome to Rewire Companion, glad you found it.

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It’s not that difficult.

The app serves as a timer to show how long you’ve gone without relapsing into PMO (Pornography/Masturbation/Orgasm). The forum is a great place to meet other men (and very few women) who are “rewiring”, and they will share their code with you, so that we can monitor each other’s progress.

My code is cf9a15; you add them on the companion tab on the app.

The thumbs down button on the upper right corner is used to indicate a relapse.

If you have any more questions, use the Site and App Feedback thread; the admins will see your comment and give you further help.

Anyways, welcome.