Tips for getting past the one week itch

I can usually go for 6 days without porn or mastubation… But when I hit Saturday or Sunday, I usually relapse, so it’s usually a week since my last time. Any advice on pushing past that setback pattern?

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How to stay alive on the weekend ?

:black_small_square:PANDORA BOX Method :ballot_box:
Put your smartphone, laptops & other gadgets (which you use to watch porn) inside a Box on weekend.

:black_small_square:Socialy Active Method :children_crossing:
Stay outside or with people when at home.

:black_small_square:SMELL THE URGE method :dog2:
Detecting the urge before it strike helps in preparing for it when you are alone or in bed or in shower. If you see it coming you can easily negotiate with it. You always have a choice.


What are the activities you do especially in weekends? Do you play pc games? Do you watch tv shows? Are you bored?

Focus, the clue its to replace the activity of masturb. If you usually mastb on fridays to a new activity that involves people. So you can be alone and fall again. Blessings from Venezuela

Be aggressive. Plan something that will take all of your time and attention, and will take you out of your usual weekend schedule. My favorite strategy (at the time that I needed it) used to be to plan solo trips out of town. Sure it seems a little bit of an extreme measure, and possibly a little expensive too, but it’s every bit worth it and a whole lot of fun.