Tip that works for me: Snapbands ⭕

I’ve read it in some nofap related site that snapbands are great little devices for reebooting and that a lot of fapstronauts using it. I’ve never heard this, but i currently started to use them.

The point is very simple: wear a snap band on your wrist (not too tight, so it won’t sabotage your everyday activities), and whenever you zoning out while thinking about porn or masturbation, you pull the snapband and the little twitching pain will “snap you out of it” back to the current moment. Obviously the point is not self-hurt, inflicting pain on yourself or punish yourself, but to be aware of these triggers and take this action to prevent them to move forward into relapse.

I can testify, that personally for me it works! It’s not only a simple little practicality, but the snapband also reminds me of the commitment I’ve made everytime i look down on my wrist.


I understand your motive, but this is not right. It is a form of punishment which you are giving yourself and training your brain that if you do this, you will be punished. In my views, it won’t help in long run. You have to teach your brain, in a logical and sensible manner that why fapping and porn is bad for your life and understand the consequences of fapping. Or else what will happen is your mind will develop resistance to the punishment and it won’t effect after a while.

But that’s exactly what i said. Its not a punishment. Its a ‘pinch me im day-dreaming again’ situation, similar when you pay attention to your breathing, to get your mind focused on the moment again.
Of course you have to understand the root of your actions, otherwise you’re deemed to do them again.

This is not a break-through in the nofap, just something that’s working for me. Nothing else.

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I started to wear one recently. When i wan to fap i watch it. I put it when i said it was my last relapse.
And i think about it again, even if it’s hard.


These are popular with people giving up other addictions, such as smoking. I tried it myself for a while, but it didn’t work for me, as I never remembered it at the times that I was triggered, but only after a relapse. Everyone has to find their own methods…

Thanks for the tip. I like it :+1::wink: