𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐲 - Time to rise

You can NEVER lose against your self. It is impossible. You are always in control of your body. You cannot relapse without first giving your self the permission to do so. The fact that you can see what you are thinking about and planning to do means that you can also stop yourself from doing so. You are experiencing strong urges without giving into them. You have self-control, keep going.


:rofl::rofl:Not you
but the one inside me.

You are right. My body will not react until i tell him to…
If i can force myself to relapse then i can also stop myself from doing it. You are right. I can control myself.


i am just loosing again and again. I relapsed 2 times an hour ago. I am so ashamed. First 9 day streak but it was just so depressing. I wasn’t able to enjoy a single fucking day. Every time just urge and urge…
Then 3 day streak and again i lost and fapped 3 times. And this was 2 day streak and again lost by small urge. But man 1st day of this streak was really a special. I never felt that good from a month or … It was peaceful and there is a reason behind it. I was disciplined!! I did Exercise, prayer, Meditation and did journal too. That was really a peaceful day :relieved:. But here i am again relapsing even after found out how it feels without PMO. I am lacking discipline and getting distracted by anything. I am not consistent and also fet distracted by a small urge. Today it was nothing…

I don’t want to live like this. Fuck the streak…!! Man i don’t want to do this anymore. I just want my life without ■■■■. I don’t want to fap to this shit. I don’t want to watch this and i don’t want to fap. I didn’t even even completed the challenge of 10 days that alain gave me. I told that no more relapse stories but i relapsed again and again. He also told me to not stay at home waiting for relapse.
Well i have nothing to do outside for a while. I lost contact with most of the friends and also most of them are busy in improving themselves so i can’t spend time with them. Most of them also stopped checking on me.
What should i do???f
This is the fucking question i am asking again and again from last year even aftee knowing the answer. I on this forum from last year and fuck i am still at day 0. You should have improved a bit but fuck i am still at the step one. Nothing changed at all!! Last year i told i will leave this shit here. Here i am, half here gone by but still jerking off daily in the room. Everyone asks my cousin who is same age like me where am i ? what am I doing ? I didn’t saw him for last few years. Well, here i am jerking off daily rather than going outside.:pensive:
Nothing changed at all. I am same from last 4 years.

Well i was better before this. I made myself weak and pathetic. You didn’t improved. You didn’t grow. Look at everyone who was with you at a moment. They look at you like a trash, loke a garbage. You are nothing!! You should have proved everyone wrong but look at you…
Just like always!!. I am using big words and statements even i am not able to handle them. I am not suppose to use this words. I can’t be batman. No way!!! Look at you!! No discipline, no strength, no self control… I have nothing like batman.

Everyone is laughing at me. Well i got 264 marks in neet but I don’t care. I have something in my mind. I have something that i always wanted to do. Fuck off!! Look at you!! Still not working on it and jerking off daily watching ■■■■. ‘You really think you can achieve it working like this??? You really think you can achieve it by watching ■■■■?? You are a :wastebasket:trash. You were supposed to work on your dreams and goals.’
I still have time. I can still change everything. I will make it!!
Man i am scared while using this words. I used this so many times but didn’t put it in action. Feels ashamed while using this big words. But if i can’t change then i should just die. No!! I can’t be like this. Soon or later you will get married!! You will get children!! How could you feed them?? How could you give them a good life?? By jerking off whole day in a room?? No!! I have to change. I have to take actions. I will change. Shitttt!! Whenever i use this words “i will” i feel so ashamed. I feel really bad. I am afraid what if i can’t make it??? What if i fail?? Some part of me is afraid. There is feeling like sooner or later i will relapse. This thing affected my mind too much. I am not even able to think clearly. I became a slave. Do something!! I really want to change. But my hand are shaking while typing I will make it!
You think you can neverake it. It’s rooted in your mind. You did this. You can’t even think of leaving this addiction. You made it a part of your life. Shit!! I didn’t know i got destroyed to this level. This is horrifying!! What did i do to myself​:pensive::cry::sob:. I just crossed the threshold…!!!
@Awaken_one @Binocular @RiftCha @prince_king @ToThy @Forerunner Bro what the hell just happened. What did i do?? I did too much!! I onow i need to change but the inner part… It’s like i destroyed my soul. It’s like Insidious movie. My soul is still in the dark. I didn’t came back. The demon is controlling me. Man i am :fearful: afraid. How can i fix this mass destruction?? I need to find a way…
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I just learned the law of attraction and it simply says what we think is what we manifest. I’m afraid you think of it too much and that’s the reason of having so many urges.

Now visualize your dream life, in detail in every aspect - socializing with friends, going to gym, finding your love, traveling to different places… whatever you feel really good. Visualize them as if you are already enjoying them, and be grateful for that. Then you’ll start to manifest your dream life and forget all those things :slight_smile:


First of all, why did you write Neet if you had another plans. If you wrote it, you should have with full preparation. It’s no excuse that you had other plans that’s why you scored less, that’s just not how it works brother. Is your other plan a reality? IG NOT.

NEVER ruin the opportunity in front of you for something that doesn’t even exist for now or just exists in your mind until you start getting results from your other plan.

About Your Life, nobody gonna come and give you permission to go to GYM, nobody gonna come and say “Hey go out and date girls”, nobody says that, you need to do those things on your own, give yourself the permission you need that you seek from others subconsciously.

About your other plan, let’s know what it is so that you are accountable of it here.

Don’t know what to say about :corn:, let’s have an accountability challenge of it.

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I will say that to him, jk.

Bro I don’t really know what should I say. Because it seems you take too much pressure and make things difficult for yourself.

First you need to get into a good headspace. Decide what you want to do, make a plan and have the balls to stick with it for few months and then reflect how much success you had, how much changes happened in past few months, where do I stand and all that.

It seems you enjoy tagging us bros and enjoy us supporting you and giving advices, maybe it makes you feel better. But at the end of the day, only your result matters. Harsh truth but it is what it is. I think this is the third or fourth time I am writing here because you tagged me. I really hope you start taking actions because writing Paras and then to see you tag me again is quite hilarious and sad at the same time.

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Allow me to introduce you to current @Asher. He is a normal man with big dreams but a weak mindset. His biggest obstacle is PMO. Or so, that is what he claims. He wants to break free but on the inside, he’s not ready. He always starts good, there are days when he is completely disciplined but he can be completely lazy the day after. It’s because he relies on motivational mindset instead of a real disciplined one. He is desperately waiting for change, fearing the outcome, fearing that there might come a day, even if he stays disciplined for many days, that he falls. The truth is, it was never about PMO, never. It was about fear and a brainwashed mindset. Just as PMO is a lifestyle, Nofap is a lifestyle too. It was never a goal to achieve, but a way to live. And a way to live is based on mindset. A free man is he who never fears to say no. Once he realises that, he will be unstoppable. He must not give his addiction too much attention cause urges are no big threats; they are, simply, distractions. Who is @Asher? Right now, he has goals but no system. Dreams but no mindset. My friend, habits do not determine your identity, your identity determines your habits.

Quit wining and reflect about this question. Where is that inner fire that you tried to bury deep in your soul? Where is your pride?

Who are you damn it?

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What can I say Asher?
Its very difficult but at the same time its easy.Think of the day when you were ahead of me.Dont you miss those days?Self determination is the key.Think of what we are saying before doing relapse again.Dont think of what you have done.Think that you can do it alone.Identify the cause that triggers you.Try to calm down bro.Just relax and make a hard promise to the GOD himself and us that you will never do it again.
Visit this forum everyday like princeking(I see he is online everytime whenever I visit this forum :smile:). I think you should read your diary everyday to remind yourself that the mistake you have done agin and again.

Remember those good days


Bro it can be a weird coincidence as well :rofl:. Tho I visit the forum quite frequently but again I am plotting my permanent exit from this place.


Haha but dont do it before having big streak.I have same plan once I reach one year :relieved:

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Bro a big streak matters but more important is the mindset. I have already made 3 streaks of 70+ days in last 10 months, one was 130+ days.

And I know exactly why big streaks gets broken. So as long as I don’t do stupidity, my streak is safe.

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Yeah!! I know it!!

Ok!! Let’s get this done.
Well how about 7 day challenge?? If you manage to make it we will head towards 14 days. Let me know…

I understand what you are saying bro!! Now see who is Asher…

I get it!! I get every single word. I will bot fap again!! You can say i am saying this as i am motivated. Let me show you who is real Asher.

Say nothing!! I get the whole point. I forget who i am. But now memory is back!! I can see things. I promise you that i will not relapse again. God i am so sorry!! Forgive me for my past mistakes. But i promise everyone that i will never relapse again. I will never look back to the PMO.

Right now my dopamine receptors got fucked up!! I just need it everytime. I lost the sense of small activities. For this few days my mind was on high dopamine surge. I need to fix this. Let me show you Who i am…
Well the dream i see is not a fucking fantasy. I need to make a change. Let me show you this through my actions. Well these days i am playing too much pubg. I am reading jjk manga. Well i don’t enjoy it Now a days. My mind just finding a ways to get dopamine hit. Let’s put an end to this chapter of my life. The new era is coming…
I will win no matter what. Maybe i am just motivated for now and that’s why i am talking this, That’s why i need to show it through my actions. Bino thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you everyone. The things i fear to do is the key to the next door where lies a beautiful life. I will show everyone who is Asher…
I promise everyone that i will live with pride. Now just focus on improving.


Let’s get this done babyyy! :fire::fire:

Do tell me if you want to add anything additional, like a certain minimum threshold of study hours , exercising or meditation!!

Without a proper goal and plan, you won’t succeed


Yes man, show who tf you are.

Check in day 1 of 7 days @Asher :white_check_mark:(towards a New Start)


Well there is no study for few days. After exam there is nothing to do (study).
But here is what i am going to do. Well it’s not changed!!
1)Wake up early (4:30) :white_check_mark:
2)Running & Exercise :white_check_mark:
3)Meditation :white_check_mark:
4)Prayer :white_check_mark:
5)Journal :white_check_mark:
6)Exercise at evening.:white_check_mark:
8)Minimum mobile usage.:white_check_mark:
I hope you are doing good buddy…

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I relapsed today midnight, I am sorry :man_bowing:t2:

You are just 1 day behind me. Fuck all these execuses. I found that our minds comes with so meaningless excuses to relapse and we fall for these tricks because we don’t try to understand what is happening. Next time do something productive or complete your work or just meditate.
For me my mind finds so many excuses to not exercise but this time i just say fuck this… Just do it. Then everything happens automatically. You just have to start. Just for few seconds ignore what your mind is saying and start working and then you will feel great that you really did it it and it’s easy. Let’s go!!!


Thanks for giving a second chance, let’s go for a 7 days again. :man_bowing:t2:

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