Time required to get back to a normal human being

How many days ( or weeks) of no fap is required for our mind to revert back to the old normal mode of being focussed and energetic ? Kindly help


90 days is considered a good amount of time for your brain to rewire, hence the 90 day goal. But remember- noFap is not a goal, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t relapse after 90 days- that defeats the purpose.

Ideally noFap is forever, though you will begin to feel the real benefits around day 21 or so. I’m on day 65 and my brain has begun the real intense rewiring process now- It’s rerouting and I can feel it; it also affects my dreams at night.

It’s all part of the process. trust the process.


Thank you so much for your beautiful and detailed explanation ! So I will be trying to reach at least that 90 days mark. All the best for you @Ash_Matt


Thanks man, you too. Let’s beat this PMO @smr123

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