Thoughts and lessons learned through my journey

Lack of honesty with yourself is a big problem

I think the most fundamental thing you can do to change yourself for the better and something you can’t really skip is to face yourself and realize your truth with no distortions caused by shame or the opinions of other people. We don’t want to hear the truth or even admit it to ourselves, it’s painful, as a result, we live in our own distorted reality detached from the world and not in tune with it and so we dig that hole just a little deeper each time. This is why porn is a very powerful addiction, it gives you a false sense of sucess with women. This is just one side of the problem but it’s much deeper than that. Without you dealing with what you don’t want to deal with and getting out of the shitty hole that you dug yourself, forget it, you will keep falling again and again.


So what is still holding me back?
I stripped myself from all falsehood infront of myself and others, yet I still fall.
I think most of us, deep down, lack self respect. Letting yourself down requires some disrespect. You sacrifice what you could be for some trivial pleasure. You harm yourself wellingly. What we all should do is at least treat ourself like we treat people that we care about. You would never recommend PMO to a friend let alone making them watch porn. If you care that much for your friend you should do the same for yourself and never peek or even think about it. In the end I know it’s easier said than done, but I’m reminding myself with you.