This will probably help you out

Hey guys, I think I have found out something interesting that might end up greatly helping you out.
Just to be clear here, I’m doing the Monk mode, so not everything I say may collide with your experiences

So yeah, I’ll get right to the point then. I don’t know about you, but most of my relapses hadn’t happened while I was playing Bball or chatting with my mates at the pub. In fact, they happened while I was at home, being sad, unmotivated, bored, tired and/or alone.
Fact is - if you don’t watch/think about porn for some 5ish+ days, you get depressed. When you get depresssed, you are way more likely to get in the above described condition. That way you end up on unequal terms in the addiction’s dimension and, evetually, if not there and then, lose to it.
So, I’ve created a (perhaps) obvious list of activities you should do to prevent yourself from falling to such miserable states of mind - in the essence of all of them lies raising your Energy levels, for the moment and in general. So, without further over-explanation, here’ the list:
Meditating, Stretching, Eating healthy, Walking
Dancing, Sport, Running, Gym
Learning (about something that interests you) (I recommend coding, for instance, because you can also have fun with it (hacking, modding games, competing), so, if you can, find something like that)
Talk to people (naturally, your alertness is higher while near other people, so you’re safe that way)

That’s about it, but I have two other things to add:

  1. Playing games can also be beneficial, but ONLY if you play them mindfully, not doze off and play with 3 brain cells
  2. If ANY of these happen to be too non-distracting (like Stretching) put some MUSIC on! Unless it’s talking about sex, it can only elevate your Energy/Alerness levels. I also enjoy just lying down and listening to some emotional NCS from time to time, but you do you. ^

Hope this helps, and if you got some thoughts on this or perhaps something to add (!), please do leave a comment. Hope this helps!~


This is super helpful, thanks man!