This Was a Close One

Hi fellas
Yesterday and today’s morning was rough. I was one click away from opening that tab and searching for hard core pornography. My mind was playing tricks, you know. Nasty tricks. She sad:
You have to do it because you are lonely.
You have to do it because you are weak and stupid moron who thinks he can get better.
You have to do it because you are sick and twisted piece of shit.
But I didn’t. I didn’t went to that place. I didn’t indulge in that cold sensation when the video starts and you get fast heart rate and sweaty palms (and rock hard happiness as well). I didn’t and now it’s all gone.
Guys, you have to grind. There’s no way around it. You have to hear that shadow in you, that Id. Feel the emotion. Its the brain reprogramming. You have to go through. If you fail to do that, everyday will be Zero.
It takes maybe few days, maybe a whole two weeks. But after it go away, you are changed. Changed for better.

Hold on you impulsive, pleasure seeking humans!
Goat’s out


You made the right call goat.

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Brother do please watch this… and everyone in this forum please watch this. [].

I literally cried watching this, I really hope this video gives you motivation like it gave me.

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