This post might save you from relapsing

I have failed countless number of times. Now im on a fairly good nofap run (25)

What changed?

Just one thing

It didn’t satisfy me as much as it used to. This was alarming. My dopamine sensitivity reached an all time low. I was furious I wasted my 15 day streak for NOTHING. There was no high. There was no pleasure. Just sheer disappoint and disgust.

  • So I decided to do this-

Whenever I feel like relapsing, I remember the nothingness I felt. I would not feel the high and will also lose my streak to my urges

So boys, stop telling to yourself you feel *Relaxed"," Stress free",“Can sleep better” etc. Instead remember how fapping was a waste of streak and energy

Good luck


I can completely relate to this. Just turning 22 and I’ve started to feel the uselessness of masturbating and porn.


120+ days yo :rofl::rofl::rofl::v::v::v:

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