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Great you are sharing your story here. Some people can relate to. It can be a great motivation for the people who are still fighting.


Was waiting for this from a very long time :smiley: And you finally did it bro :+1:


One thing I noticed in your story . You are getting success with fapping . And I also masturbate by rubbing my organ against the mattress . I never fap in my life by hand .

I started fapping when I was in class 8th . And from class 8th to class 10th never missed a single day .

Kabhi kabhi lagta hai mera PURA bachapan aur aadhi Jawani only mutth marne mein Nikal gai . Nothing achieve always passed 3rd division .

By God grace ek life Mili usko bhi barbad karne mein koi kadar nahi chodi .


Life to aj or abhi hain… Abhi bhi Tu Gama Pehlwan ban sakta hain… Tu abhi jawan hain bhe…

Teri sexual energy ek saal mein tujhe itna kabil bana denge ki… Tu fir kabhi peeche mud kar nahi dekhenga…

Keep going… Congrats for your 25th days… Little by Little … Drop by Drop… Fills an ocean…

Abhi kain maukam baki hain… Ae mere dost… peeche jo ho gaya… bhul ja… sabk le… or apni galti mat dohra… Teri kasati bavsagar ke par hogi…
Man sithar ho jayenga … Sab kuch accha ho jayenga… jidangi mein agar dukh mile … visal dukh mile… To tujhe … apar aanand bhi milenge… Tu khali nahi jayenga is sansar mein…
Tu ye zindagi… Purre mazze se or apar shakti or aanand se jeyenga…
Meri pradhana tere sath hain…

Tu chalta rehna apne path par… Main tere peeche hi aa raha hun… Tujhe girne nahi dunga… Tujhe sahara dunge… Aage badte raho… God is with you… We are with you…

Always think positive…


Yeh message toh मुर्दे में भी जान ला दे भाई । Thanks bhai aaj। ke din Ko PURA busy karunga । thanks bhai by core of my heart :heartbeat: .

Bhai jayda toh isse liye depress rehta hu ki Isle muje side effects 3 years pehle hi pata lag. After the . But fir bhi sudhar nahi paaya . Yaha aap pe logo ne aa Aakar kaha se kaha pauch Gaye .

Kher koi baat nahi aab ek bhi din Ko waste nahi karna karna hai . Yoga, exercise ,study se life Ko wapas Sundar banana hai .

Tu taiyar reh bhai Jeet Aapni hi hogi


First of all, i am not against you or your diary…i myself read your diary daily and gives like if i find some post good. I have also bookmarked one of your posts.
I am just reminding you of a mistake in this post…

In Last you gived a Lesson… But i find it in contrast with the above story… because you fapped while doing training.

So … You may edit the lesson part or … its your wish … just reminding you as a reader and a friend.

I do not smoke …

Plz dont take it on your ego.

I agree with you… yes … you forgot for first 15 days… and you may havent masturbated if someone wouldnt had shown you that porn :blush:

and i remember myself …
when i was gone to Kullu and Manali for a week with friends… i too forgot to masturbate and i didnt jacked off for 10 days.

But i partialy agree with your Lesson in the end because …
After even so much busy life one masturbates… it doesnt matter if it is 10 days… 15 days… or 30 days…

We cant remain busy all the time, We have to face ourself one way or another… after 15 days or 30 days

I think you can understand my view also.

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I love Shaktimaan song…

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Bhai last 180 days se tumhara nf ka avarage days ratio kya Raha hai ? Matlab every night fall ke bad kitne din ka gap chal Raha hai ? And total night fall ho Gaye aab tak isse streak mein .


@AnkitK Can you suggest me some good books to read???