This how I ruined my life

I have lost so many things by this evil named porn and Masturbation.
I had got many good girl friends and I ruined up everything messed my life by turning friendship to lust , Later on I start to loose everyone because I started to ask them photos and videos and few with nudes, Initially it felt good but later on I couldn’t be true to any I lost all their trust and I found no love and one who I loved truly she got married to other.
And finally arrived here with last HOPE!!!


Welcome to this community bro!

Yes, you made a right decision by starting this fight against PMO!
Now its time to gain different weapons to fight this addiction.
I would say explore this community more, read people’s diary and try to again an idea what you are up against and how to tackle it.
Join up challenges to motivate yourself to improve yourself and added advantage is, there are other companions on this journey!

Best of luck bro! :fire:
We are all here for each other!


@Sharuoptimus stay strong. You can do it. Time to stay true to yourself. More power to you brother


It’s never too late my friend :wink:


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