This has got me furious honestly

I’ve relapsed 6 times and it’s like even when I get help I end up falling back. Then u look at everybody else talking about their high streaks and it makes u wanna break your phone in half and punch a hole in the wall bc u cant even go a day. It’s all my own fault honestly. There are also the ppl that will hint at this not being for me and it’s like it would be a hell of a lot easier if I had someone I knew would keep me in check that isnt a complete stranger. Idk man I just wanted to let this stuff looss


@onahole brother you can share your problems !! I have helped many people till now !! And they are completely happy with my advice !!
Iam a mbbs student at AIIMS delhi !
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Brother forget about streaks. It’s your life and you are no compitition with anyone. Try to find when and what exactly happens when you relapse. Find why that triggering happens. how to figure out. (possibly what way you can distract yourself)
Don’t be hard on yourself. One thing at a time. start slowly one by one.



Brother your view towards this whole things need to be different this is not a competition it’s a journey and we all are here to support each other all the compitition part is just a healthy way to give a boost ,but I get it when you say you see other do what you are trying to do but not quite there yet and it’s ok

Now I can write all pointers of all the things I do stating what you should try but let’s keep this simple just try this one thing ok

KEEP A JOURNAL, next time you slip make a note of things you did in the past few days and also what you were doing just before the relapse

Most of the times the psychological relapse happens few days prior there is a pattern and then there is the moment you slip and actually masterbate .try to figure out what made you relapse once you figure it out you know what all you need to change

Like take my example

I use to drink a lot of alcohol and use to relapse on the day I came home drunk or in the next few days when I was hungover I made a note of this and cut down on my alcohol

Later I also noticed if I didn’t sleep well or was not feeling fresh the next day probably I would relapse ,so I made sure to get good sleep and next morning wake up brush my teeth take a shower take a good shit so that I feel fucking fresh.

Also I noticed most of my relapsing is only on Sunday or Monday cause Monday’s is my off so Sunday I use to stay out late OR get drunk or was just to free on Monday for social media, so I made sure to be alert on Sunday evenings what I did and what I not did ,and on Monday’s I made sure what kind of things I viewed on my phone and not to indulge too much in the phone

Also I made a note just before the relapse or few days before I use to indulge in things on social media like hot model pages or a adult web series ,you may know friend suggestions etc which triggered me and end me up on a porn site so I cleaned my social media OR avoided it for a brief period

So similarly even you must have these patterns and once you start figuring these patterns out every relapse is just another new discovery on why you relapsed so it’s progress not something to be sad or angry about

Look there is no off button to this habit ,this thing with most of the people takes time so unless you start with the figuring out process every relapse will feel like a failure but if it’s a figuring out process then every relapse is progress

So start to figure it out buddy try not to make same mistake again n again but don’t demotivate urself if you do make the same mistake pick urself up and get back to it keep moving forward

Let us know if you require any further assistance

All the best God bless you