This girl smiled at me

So I was having a swim and jumping off a bridge, but when I was in the bushes drying myself up, I suddenly hear these footsteps, I hide as I don’t want anyone to spot me, but as the person approaches me It turns out to be a girl younger than me, she smiles at me while walking past and I quickly put my shirt back on, I notice her walking on some rocks in the river, but I decide to take my towel and clothes with me so I can continue to dry up, I get changed, but don’t see her again that night.


Bro you cannot take such situations easily! What if she was a rapist? What if it was some other dude other than her. You gotta be careful man! Have some self defence moves up your sleeve just in case. The groin kick, the nose thrust are all very reliable moves. Also I saw this one in YouTube. Check it out


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