This community is confusing

I’m using this app just for the time keeper but then I see there’s a whole media of people with challenges and groups but its all really confusing like the dates that are posted are scattered everywhere and the replies to one another are not consistent blahhh

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Hey there and welcome to said confusing community.
You are right, to some degree you get a lot of information on here (as well as on other websites regarding nofap) regarding benefits, guidelines and “dates” such as the infamous 90 days.
In my opinion it’s important to know that a lot of people are approaching this lifestyle, challenge or whatever it may be to you with different backgrounds, intents and goals. Roam a bit around, try to get an overview and don’t takt anything as a fact, even if people might tell you they know. In the end it is a matter of experience, so get some yourself and find those with a similar approach to help you through.
This is your journey, not anybody else’s