This is from BBC news today. Visa blocked the payments of porn because of child abuse and rape. And a porn performer says that she lost THOUSANDS because of this decision.
Please remember:
1.that everytime you click a link,open a video or photo or access a website, remember that you contribute in a way or another in these heinous crimes aganist children and women.
2. That you contribute in providing them a luxury life and supplying them with THOUSANDS everytime you do so.
3. That you contribute in making them popular, so other growing teens and even adults who dont know about porn will get involved into that shameless industry.
Please, dont fap :v::v:


This is great, I personally don’t think porn will stop to be a thing anytime soon, but heck, if one of the most famous pages like Pornhub just disappeared it’d be awesome. Now about the “workers” on pornhub, I understand if it’s their only income, nonetheless this can also be seen as an opportunity for them to work in something actually productive and positive.