These modern "trendy" liberals are hell-bent on destroying our society!

Watch out folks!


If there is one thing which I would like to quote from this journal that will be… "Porn is the moral cancer that is eating away our society ". Being an addict for over a period of 10 years I feel, our society in India is not liberal enough to discuss these issues. How often do we have this type of discussion in our home.?. I would rather be aware of all the negatives that porn brings along with it. Just like a packet of cigarettes. We know what happens if we consume tobacco for long period of time, but still continue to take it.


To be honest, I don’t tho k porn itself is the real culprit here.

Think about it. You’re Indian, and I’m Canadian. What do our countries ha e in common?

Both are heavily mechanized, and if the law of exchange has any merit, that means that the more modernized a country becomes, the more social interactions will break down.

Japan’s porn industry is beyond alarming compared to most modern sensibilities, and yet this country is so advanced in technology.

When technology and comfort overtakes a society, social interactions, families and even sexual bonds are eroded.

Women replaced a man with the government, and many men who weren’t wealthy or attractive enough got left behind.

There’s a reason MGTOW and Incels tend to not exist in third world countries;they are literally first world problems, where technology has cut people off from each other.

I’m not saying we show live like the Amish, but even they have low divorce rates and strong community relations. Meanwhile, technology replaced our need for social connections.

Here in Canada, there’s a single mother epidemic; the liberals in my province got powerful just by feeding into runaway social assistance. Those women want the best looking men, because whenever family breaks down, a hook up culture always replaces it (it happened in Ancient Rome). Meanwhile, men who can’t meet female demands in the modern West, or who were tossed away in divorce court, turn to porn to deal with the lack of social connections. Older people used to have a retirement plan: their own children would take care of them. Now, they are thrown away in homes, where they are more often than not abused.

Technology breeds comfort. Comfort erodes consequences, because every time we get comfortable, we throw away the social norms that give us that comfort on the first place, and forget their value. Once those are eroded, hedonism of a sort - for those who can afford it - become a the new norm, and social values are seen as oppressive and old fashioned.

It’s not liberals. It’s not even porn; both are just capitalising off of the current climate in a symbiotic relation to the people.

The real culprit is our own nature.

A good book to read is Biohistory, written by Jim Penman, PhD. This is all the result of human nature.

See the mouse utopia experiment; it was a prediction of our future as a species.


You absolutely make a fair point bro, in our Indian culture sex education at a very young age is not encouraged in our society. Also the sudden change in technology gives rise to these problems. We can get everything at the press of a button. Thanks to this, real connection between men and a women faded a lot.

For example, I have seen in our village there is not much internet available there, so still around those parts of India they have not been introduced to porn a lot.


Honestly I get what these journalists are getting at. I mean a full on ban of porn is next to impossible. However it is a deadly toxin that we all know ruins lives. The question is: how do we get rid of it? Unfortunately modern society won’t due to free speech. People do have the right to waste away watching people fuck one another and slobber over each other but that hunger will never die. That’s why we must fight it! That and porn is one of the number 1 causes of crime. It’s a difficult battle we fight but one that must be fought day in and day out.


I don’t think porn is the problem. Porn is just capitalizing on the issue. The real solution is to embrace a personal set of values. Porn is just responding to a demand. If people walk away and refuse to touch porn, then the industry will die on it’s own due to people having no demand for it.

Obviously, that’s never going to happen. Reproduction is the main objective of our species, so it’s a personal choice people have to make.

If you censor or ban porn, people will simply use VPN’s (ie, China), or create brothels or anonymous hookups. People will just find illegal means to satisfy their urges.


Because porn is just a quick fix for an unmet need. The problem with banning porn is that the true unmet needs are left unaddressed or unidentified, and then the problem will just spring up elsewhere.

Why would someone turn to porn in the first place?

Well, we live in a world of false rape allegations, paternity fraud, baby trapping, STD’s, and divorce laws will punish men involved. There are SO MANY other issues, but society will ultimately create boundaries for men to access sex. This is human instinct; even animals will have to pass the females attraction expectations in order for a chance to mate.

When it’s all said and done, MANY men won’t get the chance to get sex due to societies check and bounds, which is why Ince;s exist in the first place. Some men aren’t good looking enough for women, others can’t get dates, some fear the divorce courts and eschew marriage. Other men try to navigate through societies bounds, but it isn’t always easy or as rewarding as some might imagine.

I bring this up because - as far as most societies go - men have to pass through many hoops before they get access to sex, and there are many consequences if they do. Plus, as I said before, many men learn the hard way that women don’t find them attractive anyhow, so many men lose out. These are the types of people who are most susceptible to pornography.

Obviously, this is a generalization; there are obviously married men and attractive men who view pornography, but in many of these cases, there are many issues involved that often go ignored by society, who feel better off demeaning these men as creeps and perverts.

It’s complicated, but porn appeals to men who are the product of the times. Imagine centuries ago, when men were married before they were the age of legal adults in our modern era. They probably didn’t need porn I guess. Plus, modern technology makes porn and sex much more accessible, AND - as a consequence - our expectations of the opposite sex are more unrealistic than ever before (Porn, romance novels, romantic comedies, etc).

Therefore,banning porn won’t help, but the real problem most likely won’t be addressed by modern society any time soon. Not that there is a single magic pill solution.


You could not have said any better bro, just awesome the way you highlight the deepest issues, You were right, I had no purpose in my life when porn took control over me. If I would have been passionate over anything, I would not have given space to porn.


Finally thanks for making things clear

Well actually I think it would be a good thing in my opinion it porn was banned because think about it.! Boys like myself started watching porn at young age, like 9 years old. Me innocent that time didn’t make much of it. But you get older you become aware that what you have is addiction. Porn causes addiction because of over stimulation in the mind which loves that. The real problem is men and woman for that matter need to start handling the situation and not see porn nor fab. And make a plan of manhood to see that true meaning is found not in porn nor fab. Now woman are getting addicted and these rates aren’t going down.

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