TheBloodyNine's Diary - One week on NoFap

A whole week has gone by and my balls are as heavy as mountains.

It hasn’t been a hard week, but neither an easy one. There have been a lot of urges, specially during the first days. And since day 4 I wake up with a penis harder than a thousand diamonds. Overall the biggest change is an increase in energy and motivation. I just feel good right now.
My advice for those who struggle reaching the first week is to feel the urges. Don’t dive on them, don’t let them swallow you. Just feel them, observe them. Like the wise old warrior observing his deadly opponent. Analyzing it. The old warrior doesn’t let himself get carried away by panic or fear. It’s respect what he shows, not dread. You must do the same with the urges. And then, ignore them, toss them away. Go do something that makes you feel good and doesn’t fill you with shame. Read a book, exercise, go for a walk and feel the sunlight against your skin.

That’s my advice. Not it’s time to reach week 2.


@TheBloodyNine, congratulations for the first week! The warrior metaphor you brought is a very good one. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice! See you on the second week :wink: