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Hey guyz…i have created channel where i will upload gameplays and all…here is a link

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Thank you guyz for all the love and support :grin::grin:


Second video dropped Hope you guyz dont miss the fun. Please let me know what all things can be improved in my videos. Enjoy watching

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Latest video is out. Please watch the full video

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Hey guys new video is out. Please watch n support

How old are you? Do you do it as a hobby or do you wanna become a youtuber? In the past I thought about recording some gameplay, but I realized that competivity and entry level is too high. The same can be said about streaming. Gameplay recording/streaming on professional level as work is kinda temporary - only the best are left, so I would not waste the time on it.

After years of gaming you will overgrow of games and realize that you wasted so much time.


Yeah thanks I wanted to say that words to him when he shared his videos to WhatsApp group.

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Thank you for your wise words @ReloadingSacks
But i play games as my hobby as well as i want to become a YouTuber. Yeah i know competition is tough but its not impossible to overthrow them. I will try my best to reach as far as i could. Hoping i would become one of them soon😁

Thanks bro for supporting me by Sharing the video :grin::grin:.

I am really sorry I meant you not we

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You are really wasting your precious time. Videogames aren’t and never will be important part of warrior’s life

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I guess with the help of the channel only i was able to reach day 7 recently. @Silent_Mountain

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Hey @ReNeGaDE ! I really like the effort you’re putting into your channel. It’s the discipline of making something new that teaches you so much. And it’s easier to start a new habit than quit an old one. I really think this is a great stepping stone especially because you’re so determined. Maybe your focus will change later but for now you can afford to game because you’re not just using as a distraction but as a motivator! Good going:D
I watched your videos and honestly I don’t understand them. But they’re probably niche and you’ll always have viewers! Maybe you can make it a bit more engaging. Perhaps a voice over as you play? Or an animated version of you reacting to the game-play?


Thanks @Natalia for your inspiring words. I am planning to make this channel as a permanent thing, as from the beginning of my life i am playing games​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. And thanks for the suggestions about voice overs and animation reactions. i have considered it doing earlier but as i dont have editing skills so i end up screwing up the video​:sweat_smile:. Currently working on that flaw of mine as well as searching a editor for my channel. Once again thank you. Dont forget to subscribe. All the best


Great initiative @ReNeGaDE ! When we leave pmo we begin to move forward and reach what we really want. Keep it up!

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You can keep growing. This is only the beginning!
And keep going with your 7 day streak. What’s your sharing code? I want to follow you.

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Thanks @srubio. If everyone supports then my channel will grow for sure. And Soon we all will be free if we replace our addiction with something else. I will try my best to set an example for everyone that you can break the chain by just doing something different


My sharing code is ij36fi

New video out. Please do like share subscribe

I was there bro. Be aware though to not replace PMO addiction with another addiction like gaming. I have noticed in myself that I have “addict features” which make me hyped and immersed to pretty much everything and gaming was one of these flaws.

With that said, moderate gaming didn’t exist for me due the fact I could prolong it to long hours while ignoring everything else.

If you feel you are in control with yourself you can play, but here’s my tip.

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PUBG Lovers. Your content is out now. Now onwards Pubg videos will also come on this channel. Some make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell too to Never miss a video.