The Win Formula -conversation with Brain

Its a bit long one. But worth reading.

Conversation with Brain

Me to my brain: I’m gonna fap tomorrow, not today.

Brain: Aight.

next day

Me to my brain: I’m gonna fap tomorrow, not today.

Brain: But yesterday… Aight!

next day

Me to my brain: I’m gonna fap tomorrow, not today.

Brain: Huh? Are you playing with me? Do it today!

Me to brain: Today is a beautiful day and it would be foolish to spend that time alone in my room jerking off to porn.

Brain: But, but…

Me to my brain: Nope.

Brain: Aight, master. Tomorrow!

another day

Brain: Time to fap!

Me to brain: Woah, wait a minute, buddy! I haven’t even gotten out of bed.

Brain: Let’s do it!

Me to my brain: What?

Brain: Let’s watch some porn and jerk off like crazy.

Me to my brain: I’m gonna fap tomorrow, not today.

Brain: No Waaaaaay! You’ve been saying that since the first day! I want that high. If I don’t get it, you’ll die!

Me to my brain: Nobody dies from not watching porn and masturbating.

Brain: I don’t think so…

Me to my brain: Yes, nobody!

Brain: Anyway, let’s watch porn, bro.

Me to my brain: I’m gonna fap tomorrow, not today.

Brain: sigh Alright!

Few Days Later

Brain is quiet.

Finally, felt some relief from him. Today I can focus on my work without getting distracted by my brain and phone. Little did I know that my poor brain has hit flatline. I felt sorry for him and thought of watching porn and jerking off. I just wanted to see if he still gets aroused. The moment I was about to open up PornHub, I heard a voice saying, “You’ve gone through the pain of addiction once, you don’t have to go through it again.” I agreed to that voice and switched off my phone. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, I went out and felt something out of this world. For the first time in my life, I felt that I AM FREE! Free from my own mind. It was beautiful.

And I think my brain is rewiring as I’m not watching porn anymore. This flatline stage is probably my brain resetting itself. I’m happy that I’ll get a new brain free from porn addiction.

1 week later

Me: Wow! I feel so energized! It’s like I’m reborn.

Brain: Yeah, you deserve it.

Me: Right.

Brain: Hey, you haven’t watched porn for a long time now. It’s good. But I’m curious what new videos are up on PornHub. Let’s check. But don’t jerk off, ok?

Me: Really? Should I go there?

Brain: Yes, you deserve it.

Me: No man, I’m not going there. That’s the main thing I’m trying to quit.

Brain: I’m just telling you to check…

Me: Nope! I’ll do it tomorrow.

Brain: Ah shit, here we go again.

Me: Deal with it, 'cause I’m never gonna give you porn ever again.

Brain: This guy is dead serious about quitting porn.

Me: Oh yes, yes, I do.

Brain: Ok, I’ll make you do it tomorrow.

Me : Lol what?

Brain: See ya tomorrow. Let’s go out and play some games.

Me: Let’s do it!

Day 90
I kept procrastinating porn and masturbation to tomorrow and that tomorrow never came. I now look myself into the mirror with love and self-esteem.

Finally, I have overcome my porn addiction. My relationships and friendships are way better than they were three months ago. I feel confident and I feel like a new man. Life is beautiful.

But don’t be too satisfied, even though my brain is accustomed to my new life, it can still get addicted if you give it a chance. So, be careful there.

With that being said, I’m gonna keep staying away from porn and masturbation forever.

Peace :v:


Rightly said bro. What you wrote is the exact conversation between me and my brain. You are great bro. Keep going. Never again. Life is way to much better and precious than watching porn and jacking off.


Awesome post man. I love this content.

Change this photo, please. It dont help anyone.

Which photo ? Are you asking me ?

The profile s photo.

Its very provocative.

Great! Congrats! Very good

I read this post in message board yesterday… it is awesome…this is one of my bookmark posts now…i am going to use it to overcome urges.