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Thanks man… I know you will get there… These rough times will make you strong beyond your imagination


I’m inspired a lot from you buddy . Your streak and dedication it’s just awesome . I hope I also reach day 90 starting from today.


March 31

All the great people have few things in common. Self discipline, Vision, Commitment and Consistence

Goals for Tomorrow

  • Study 7 hours
  • Stick to diet
  • Don’t use phone for more than 4 hours.
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Wake up early and sleep early
  • Nofap - 92 Days

Consistency Counter

  • April 1 - 0/7

:tada: :tada: :tada:

FOR COMPLETION OF 100DAYS :partying_face:

:cake: :pizza::hamburger::taco::icecream::ice_cream::shaved_ice::clinking_glasses::beers:

I am very happy for you bruh
Keep going don’t look back :+1:


Thanks buddy… Even you can achieve it… Good things will come


Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::champagne: all the best for you brother :muscle:
Ps: nice cat :blush:

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Thanks man :rofl::rofl: wish i had a cat dude… This ones random goofy cat from internet

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Fuck it… But I have to get this out

Alright. My ex just called me. I shouldn’t have picked up. But I still did. A little background.

I had confessed to her that I fell in love with someone while still being with her. I did this as I knw I would regret it if I didn’t

I was okay when she slept with someone else and accepted her back.

But today she talked like my mistake was bigger than hers. Ive not felt bad like this in many days.

This person made me feel shit. I was never happy when I was with her. She made everyday feel like work. She doubted me. She made my life shit. In those vulnerable times I stumbled and fell for someone better. As karma is a bitch, even she left

Im sad. I wasn’t. But I am now. She calls and says shes hurt. What about me? Is she the only person who was hurt? Hell, she can cry on her new bfs shoulder. Who do I have? I have gone through hell in the past 6 months.

Well my bad day just transformed into worst one. Ive lost all hopes in love and Friendships right now. Im a lone wolf now. I knw this shouldn’t and won’t bother me. I can’t let these people control my emotions any more. Im a human afterall and I made some mistakes. No more playing the victim card.

I can and I will make my life better and make sure my emotions aren’t in someone else’s hand

I wish I could go back in time and right my wrongs. Everything happens for a reason. So fuck it.

I got me and only me to impress. Fuck others. I can and I will. Good things come to hard workers and not cry babies. No offence to babies though

To a stronger me.

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I have had alot on my mind lately. I have kept my most of times free of negativity and loneliness.

Not having friends is hard. But I kinda like it. But I do agree that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have friends hang out with you. But anyway

I think I should focus more on staying busy. I get into super saiyan mode when im busy and studying. I love it when im busy. So probably will seriously start logging my hours here in my journal

Relationships and matters of heart need to be put on hold for now. My focus should be to continue the pursuit of being an Alpha and being busy. Being better and being the hardest worker in the room.

I need to make myself proud. I can do it. Im the driver of my life. I will hustle till I make it

My friend, you have my biggest respect, your story invokes a lot of pathos.

I feel the same, people are always one sided(specifically thinking).
I feel that that the pain you have gone through is enough to kill my soul.

I know that these are tough times but all I say is , take a deep breath, you have a good and caring community here to help you but hey, whatever decision you take is gonna have shit ton of load, take each step carefully and plan out each move carefully and be resilient.

It takes a small action to do something when you are not thinking but when you want to undo the thing, well it’s already too late.

It’s hard man , I am in a college where even my ex studies but I seriously have moved on.
My mind says look for her, but my heart knows that it’s bad.
I say hi , nothing more than that, but she’s careful enough to not talk about the past.

You can wait for her and maybe she gonna come back but if she doesn’t, well ur in a pickle my dude.
I always thought my ex and I would get back but, I think it’s a fantasy and now as I’m on Nofap, I’ve decided to be a brahmachari/Celibate for the rest of time, untill I think it’s alright to come out of it.

Time is of the essence, you can wait and be patient but, if she moves on you are grave danger of messing up your life .

A proper relationship is where you do your things right and also tell your partner to do her’s things right.If you skip yours and help hers, this is a toxic one.
Someone can even be a gold digger, someone can be your soulmate, someone can be anyone.

It’s left to you, my words are nothing more than a few 0s and 1s on the internet, it’s your decision.

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Ive actually moved on. Both of them taught me some hard hitting lessons.
My ex taught me that good looks don’t mean a supportive partner. She was the most beautiful girl in the college
Well the other girl, who I thought was the one, left too. So basically I was shattered and lost hopes

But since I started nofap, my mental health has bettered slowly. Gymming and time away from toxic people has helped me alot. I am the kind of person who will value personality over looks. So im sure I will find a great girl no matter what. But Im sad that im letting people like my ex to make me feel bad.

So im gonna adopt the “Frame of the King”. If people wanna be in my life. They will find a way. If they don’t, so be it. Its time that I should stop being a people pleaser and work on being an alpha.

There are only few fucks to give. I should be wise about who I give them to


No matter what happens, I will continue on my path of self development. I will stay true to myself. I will follow nofap as my life depended on it and I will return to being productive.

Speedbumps baby. Still a long way to go


Well only one advice now and a wise one too,
NoFap for life.
Well doing Nofap is being on steroids all the time expect they don’t kill you.

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When @The_wild_perception changes his profile picture from a silly cat to something serious, that’s when you know it’s serious AF.

Lol I keep on changing my profile picture. Some may call it stupid. I just think it as clothes. Cats will be back. :rofl::rofl: for now Everytime I see my profile, I wanna be reminded of what is imp…

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Bro don’t let her emotional shit get you.

She will always put blame on you for the relationship going bad. You have to keep that in the mind. You are doing great. Keep going.


Sunday, April 11

Success depends on simple things. Hardwork + Consistency

  • Its time I rewire my study habits. Im under control of nofap now.
  • My serious pursuit will begin from 15th of April


  • Study 7 hours
  • Wake up by 7 am
  • Sleep by 11:30 pm
  • No social media (Even Rewire before 6 pm)
  • Sleep minimum 7-8 hours
  • Meditation and Affirmation
  • Plan next day in advance
  • Drink water
  • No junk
  • Save Money
  • Limit phone usage to 4 hours
  • Enjoy your music
  • Log in to journal
  • Hold your frame

Monday, April 12

To be great, you gotta do great

  • Instead of simply pushing my tasks further, I have decided to just go for it
  • I will follow my tasks and study goals
  • I have also decided that I will also hold a strong frame.
  • This frame includes
  1. Not to do things that are jeopardizing my goal
  2. Reduced phone usage (No social media), No. Unwanted interactions with people.
  3. Mindful eating and sleeping

Tuesday, April 13

Decide. Implement. Don’t stop

  • Im done wasting time. I planned what Im gonna do for tomorrow.
  • Ive been feeling blues lately. I got this one friend who is close, but been growing distant. I dunno the reason. Its probably like PTSD from my ex or something? Im not sure.
  • Im not worrying too much about it. Im proud of how long Ive come. Im at a point in life where a persons presence or absence doesn’t affect my everyday life. I couldn’t ask for more. Im proud of me.
  • The greatest threat to my productivity has been screen time. So form tomorrow Im gonna tone it down, hour by hour. My goals is less than 4 hours everyday( which is way better considering my current usage)
  • i have to tell myself that its better to be with an empty heart than an empty pocket lol. Gotta work for the dream yo.

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