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Her fear is not totally irrational. I have felt this kind of thing before. Not only with women but men friends as well. After leaving someone we start to miss and think only good things. But when we again try to get back together we again face the same issues with that person.

Also from your earlier posts I read that you are kind of feeling lonely. See that you want to patch up is it because you are feeling lonely or for other reason. Feeling loneliness is a good thing actually that’s where our creativity comes. You will see non creative people fill their day with multiple friends and other distractions.

I am answering even you have deleted it. Sorry for that.


Ita alright man… Had a very rough day today… Those words are soothing


April 25, Sunday

I had a very emotional day. I talked with my ex again. She still had feelings for me but the new guy treats her well. I didn’t push her. I am gonna go with the flow. No fighting any more.

Im devastated. Im scared of how polar ive become (no offence to biploar people). I mean Im totally diff person when it comes to matters of heart and mind.
They still aren’t in sync and im kinda glad.

After she said, we can’t be together, mind mind went rigid and heart kinda numb. The sadness was gone and stopped feeling the weight on me. I just felt its even harder on her. Its fair that she doesn’t trust me after how I treated her in last 4years.

Anyway im gonna be off this forum and spend time with myself.



Sad to hear it man. But maybe it’s a good thing. I didn’t know you had been in the relationship for 4 years. That’s a long time. You will definitely feel the void and pain.
Going with the flow sounds good to me.
But give it the time. Don’t be in the rush to be in a new relationship. Let yourself heal fully. I feel you will definitely do few things in your life which you would have avoided if you had the girlfriend. Take a year or two off with relationship stuff. See how life goes then decide further.

Ciao (Didn’t know you know German.)


For the future reference if you really want your ex back. I guess you should avoid making such statements directly that you want her. In your mind it shows love, in her mind it shows scarcity. I mean you are still waiting for her. Better would be that you are seeing someone else.


Nah i quit waiting… I sad down yesterday and gave a self talk… I was ok for the last 10-11 months or so and now im not feeling ok. I asked myself why?

Its just bcuz im not busy. She isn’t the girl I want or need. Shes just the girl I happen to share my past with. So yea im done with it


Bro everything is fine ? After jadeja hammering and Just a 1 run win over DC :joy:
I think RCB fans landed back on earth :grin:


Still another game is there with csk… Patience bro


@The_wild_perception Machaaaaaaaaaa! Join RCB in the league da. #ECNM


Tuesday, May 4

Get busy workin

I feel great. Not gonna lie. I had decided not to write in this diary until and unless I don’t start sticking to my words. Im at a stage where I can see that happening now.

The one habit I feel I must master is doing things I decide. That’s it

Anyway, Ive been started to get productive. The mood swings are low. I don’t get time for that honestly anymore. My ex had texted and I felt I don’t need this shit anymore. So thats that. No more her. No more any girl. I got one vision and im gonna solely pursue it. No more bullshit

Also started watching Assassination Classroom. Not gonna lie, haven’t had such great laugh watching a series in long time :rofl::rofl:



It’s honestly one of my favourite animes of all time. And I’ve watched a lot. It’s way up there. You won’t regret it​:handshake::handshake::handshake:


Any Trigger in this anime ? @GOVIND-19


Yes… Might be a trigger. There’s a hot teacher… But that’s about it


There is… The yelabitch teacher :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. But its hilarious man…


If you will be successful in the future Most probably your ex will keep chasing you. Keep doing your work.