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Why day 1 again? Are you alright bro?


Nah I haven’t relapsed. Its day 1 of leaving everything behind


May 21, 2021

  • Study target - 7 hours - :white_check_mark:
  • No phone usage right after waking up :white_check_mark:

Target For tomorrow

  • Study 8 hours
  • No phone usage right after waking up

Day 2


:pray:I’m sorry for everything hope you find peace and happiness


22 may, 2021

Well, its been an amazing day. Im in control on emotions and faring better than I imagined.

Im up this late as I watching this awesome malayalam movie. Man I love mallu stuff. Shout out to them.

I know I had set target for 8 hours but fuck it man. Wasn’t able to cuz got the news that my ex tested positive and was hospitalized. Well shes fine now and im back to blocking her (again!)

I just felt that I should write this here, because I have a habit of talking to myself. But when it comes to stuff that hurts me, i shy away. But just a few moments ago, I did talk to myself and I did say ti myself "Its ok. Let go"

That is kind of a big deal. Means im making peace with things that ain’t in my control and focusing on shit that matters. So its not long before I come to former form viz. Guy who just doesn’t care what I can’t control

Also Im done watching assassination classroom. What a beautiful anime. Didn’t know an anime could touch me so deeply. The premise is so bizarre. I love that. Koro sensei’s wisdom guitar background music is ringing in my ears and I won’t complain.

Funny that the girl (Internet friend) who suggested me that and me don’t talk each other that often now. She said I have “Poor taste” about who to keep in life. Maybe true. But im not sorry for losing people though. I can be a great friend and Im pretty much sure if someone is not in my life, they fuckin deserved it. So never was, never will be sorry if anyone stays or leaves. ( can’t help, im an introvert)

Best battles are fought alone. Im gonna enjoy this

Signing off

Day 3 of freedom

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Thanks for the shout-out bro. I can proudly say that malayalam movie industry is the best in the country. Which movie did you watch btw?

Its one of my favourite animes of all time man. Its one of the few animes that actually made me cry in the end. You get so attached with the characters, it’s beautiful!

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I watched drishyam 2, forensic and Mumbai Police and man they get the science right. Im a nerd when it comes to details and I hate it when they fuck it up in movies. And mollywood gets it damn right

Ps: premam is still top of my list of romance movies. Its how the movie is made that got me hooked

Im actually starting attack on Titan now… Any good recommendations?? Will be good if they have like few episodes only


You can watch the good place. It’s a sitcom just 51 episodes in total (Kristen Bell in lead role), I think you’ll like it.

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Yea I have it in my wishlist… Surely will watch soon

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Man if you are into that crime thriller genre, I can recommend a few. If you like Mumbai police, you will like Memories as well. Also watch " Anjaam paathira" . I hope you have watched drishyam 1 before drishyam 2. Also watch Lucifer, it’s not crime thriller per se. But it’s :fire::fire::fire:.

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Anjam pathira i wanna watch but I dunno where to find it… Any streaming services??,


Anime wise, I recommend you watch Attack on Titan, you won’t regret it. After that you can watch one punch man, mob Psycho 100, The promised Neverland. All of these 3 are 24 episodes in total. So you can watch them fast and they are gooooooooood. You should also watch Hunter X Hunter. Its my favourite anime of all time

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Man I wanna watch it but I’ll do it afterwards, probably after clearing an exam :joy:, only sitcoms till then.

Netflix I guess. Its in telegram as well

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Will watch memories now… Even my friend suggested me that


The Lucifer I’m talking about is a malayalam movie. But the series is damn good too

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Damn :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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If you like horror, then definitely watch Ezra. Its the best horror movie in malayalam. It has a Hollywood touch.


Oh oh and also watch Kumbalangi Nights. Its a super realistic yet Psycho thriller.

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May 26, Wednesday

Doing absolutely great these days. Its funny how once I stopped caring and expecting people to be there for me, I got better just in a matter of days. Feels like im back in the glory days. Then I was single and desperate. Its the same now without the desperation and an added tinge of happiness

I felt bad when I heard my ex tested positive. But she again played the “Pity” card which irked me. I stopped caring totally. I was like “she’s young, she won’t die, stop caring!!” (Dark, I know)

Anyway, also I am likely gonna reduce using all social media soon. My phone is a major driver of my lows. Im the best version of me when im not around my phone.

My classes gonna begin from tomorrow and Im excited. I will be busy and its gonna be great

Im on day 148 and I started using this website mostly because I wasn’t sure I would make it on my own. I did though. I kept on using because of the many challenges running on the forum.

Some say this filthy habit never goes away, some say it can only be rewired. But I don’t believe in that. Ive seen that its upto me to decide what it is to me. If I decide its gone. It is gone. Period.

Im actually writing this as I think its time to move on from rewire forum. Just like any habit, its gonna be gradual. I will try replacing social media use on phone to my laptop and slowly eliminate that too( atleast till i get some real friends lol)

I think its a great community for whoever has the will and want to change.

Good night