The Where does this problem come from? I need doamin

All things i remember is bad memories and nofap is heavy . It make it worst.
I also have nobody to talk . Will it disappear


If you have any issues you can message or text many of us here anytime.


The solutions to inner problems lies within you. Try to reflect on your past and learn from it, accept it and move on. It’s pointless to stay where you are now. You must get up again and face challenges head on! Whatever the situation you’re facing it doesn’t matter. There are people who lost everything and I actually mean everything. There are people who don’t have electricity, food, water or shelter, there are handicapped people, there are people who aren’t sure if they will live today.
Life’s hard and it’s on you to decide whether if you want to survive or live.



Bro believe me with time it’ll go away, Don’t use social media and don’t check out women in public you’ll definitely go to default settings. It’s hard but that’s the whole point it’s hard so only some try to go against the odds.


Yes, it will dissappear :+1: fear not :+1:


If you’re a Female, why you stuck in Pixels, tell your parents and get your marriage fixed, dont waste your time and mental health on screen, invest it in yourself and buiding family

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Im so offended , this is everyone’s place not only man are human . Marriage without love is for animal


We are all here for the same reason and therefore should be kind to especially beginners.

The problem comes because of a habit formed in your mind.
It’s a habit. Its heavy in the beginning because you are engaged in changing the habit,
Have more activities to do.

Form a routine, most people that watch ■■■■ do not have a productive daily routine therefore ■■■■ becomes the default.

The bad memories, just learn from them and let them go.
Say you are on a new chapter of your life now.

Open a new page.
Each day is a new page in life and make the best of it. even small positive changes will gradually help you become a better self, perhaps eat more fruit, go for short walks, keep your room and surroundings clean and ordered, listen to positive music etc…

To break the habit cycle requires some effort of will.
Its just a habit and can be shattered by new better ones.

Remember to substitute for something when the urge arrives especially in the first few days.
Preferably something that does not require you to use your phone or computer is better.

It’s a gradual process but remember to be resolved.

Definitely woman are created by God just like men and should be respected.
as you said this place is for everyone with the issue else none would be here.

Thats why this bs called ■■■■ must be left asap for it brainwashes and creates derogative low view of oneself and others and weakens the drive and emotions in men and woman.

Thats one of the reasons that fuels me to leave it for good.

Don’t let things bother you, you are stronger than you think.
definitely when you are trying to quit this habit.

Ignite your fighting spirit, you can do it.


Yes, very good.
Have it clearly defined.

It can be some flexibility give yourself some free time for hobbies.
but chores must be done.

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Its obviously an abuse , it’s not in your business to teach me what i do or where i go !
And most people keep their habit after marriage , you have poor knowledge . Treat your disease or stay ■■■■ addict whole life even after marriage.


I think the point is women and men, and cultures have it very differently.

One size doesn’t fit all.

It’s good to learn from and about each other :pray:


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