The Vortex Success

That’s a beta mindset. Let him say the truth so that he feels a little guilt and thinks twice before rubbing one off.


Day 1 complete. Spend my day working a 12 hour shift.


Day 2 complete.

I had another approximate 12 hour work day and the weather is thunderstorms.


Congrats bro
You complete 2 day
Plz not relapse
Belive in yourself


I relapsed. I woke up today and my Dad stressed me out a lot.

I reached 3 days but now back to 0.

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Looks like I reached 1 day again.


I reached 2 days again. I’m moving forward.

I went through an urge while driving today. Luckily it only lasted a matter of seconds. It was probably the hardest hitting urge with the shortest amount of time I ever felt.


3 days reached.


Starting again. Getting better.


Getting worse.

Lasted 19 hours from yesterday’s relapse just to relapse again.

I don’t know if there is a solution for me. I don’t believe there is.

1 day complete.

Feeling excited
Feeling energetic.
Feeling happy.


Yesterday i relapsed.

Today is 1 day again.

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Back to zero. I edged this morning and was forced today to deal with the pain in my tip. I released the edging an hour ago.

I also had a lot of work this week. It’s great that for the 3rd week in a row I’m getting overtime, but between the 4 relapses this week and all this work and my Dad’s 100s of daily requests is exhausting.

I am tired. I feel spiritually dead. I just quietly prayed to God for forgiveness. I need to be focusing on being faithful to God. I need to get some real rest


Me too dude, I need to get better rest and quiet time with God. Even when I walk, I walk fast and in a rush.
Wishing you a peace day and to take things at your own pace.

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Thanks man. I just got out of a partially cold shower after a sweaty and tiring work day. I’m relaxing now.

My streak is 1 day again.

I got to say that shower i just finished felt so good.

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Hahaha, yeah man, that’s the good shit :sweat_smile::+1:

I usually have a hot shower and gradually bring in the cold.

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