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Im here we meet after 30 day
Without relapse

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Bro don’t panic

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He actually tried to provoque you so you become angry and prove him wrong by achieving a big streak! :ok_man:
But why the hell you still take everything so negatively bro? “Oh I am a loser? I am worse. This is me and I just have to accept it and cary on living trying to abstain for few days, 5 is the limit red line and 7 is a dream. So just, leave me alone you’re making me feel more depressed” Imagine yourself an anime character. Would you consider it your favorite? No of course not.

But the negative mindset is still the same…

When someone else give you some names that is also a form of encouragement like I said above. He wants you to become angry and prove him wrong
(Bro he is a new member so try be a little bit nicer :sweat_smile:)

So what? I was isolated more than you think and till now I still am. By that I mean I spend most of the day in my house. I never get to go to another place except for school or to buy some food. I never got to meet other people or do some things on my own. I have never even taken the bus alone :skull:
But, I always took things positively. I viewed this as an opportunity, a game if you will. I actually tried to do many things on my own this year and even went to the other side of my country with my friends, without my parents. I learned to talk to new people and do so much work on my own. Even though I spent 17 years of isolation, that’s still no damn excuse if you always have positivity and a desire to always be great!

I didn’t. You shouldn’t.

You can even read 1000 self improvement books or exercise for 1000 days. If you don’t change the damn mindset, you will stay the same addicted and depressed man.

Then do something about it bro. Are you seriously trying to quit here? Since you know that, if I were you, I would literally throw myself outside for a walk at that time :joy:

REPROGRAMMING is for your mindset. NEW routine requires that mindset.

Change the damn negative mindset. You are the kind of guy who when I tell you “Look at the beautiful moon!” "You say “Yeah but haven’t you seen the dark side of it? Reality is very disappointing.”
I hope I wasn’t mean but you actually needed a slap in the face to wake up to reality and realize that it was this damn limited, dark, and negative mindset all along!


This damn mindset is limiting all of that potential within you. You don’t even realize how you’re f*cken strong.

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The negative mindset has been around since my teenage years.

In my experience, thinking positively resulted in negative things. Same with negative things.

Do something about it? That just prolongs the inevitable. If I do other things, as soon as I reenter the house or that room, relapse happens anyway.


That’s the brainwashing mindset you still have. Are you trying to abstain or to recover here? I recommend you to read The mindset you need to quit. Forever by @yadadada it will help bring you a new mindset.

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1 day complete right now.


2 days 12 hours complete right now.


2 days 23 hours lost.

Back to 0


Your every post reminds me of Erwin’s speech from AOT. Thanks for the motivation @Vortexkicker Sir

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On the days that you complete 2 or 3 days clean, how do you bypass the morning relapse routine programming?


I don’t know how to remember that when it happens because all i can think about in that moment is what I’m craving.

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Also, I relapsed again. Back to 0.

I must be the only person in this entire app who has been here this long and still can’t show real progress.

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I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through, brother. You’ve been dealt a poor hand of cards in this life. Some things have been made unnecessarily difficult for you. But there is always hope. You are a human being with free will and the power to transform your circumstances. None of us get to choose how we start this life, but we do get a say in what we do with it.

Craving is an active process. We crave because we REALLY want to act on the picture in our mind. The initial thought from our brains is involuntary, a suggestion seeking an increase in dopamine, but if we are still engaging with the thought 10 seconds later, that’s a choice.

We can kill the thoughts easily by thinking about what we truly desire more. By weighing up the benefits of continuing to PMO, or experiencing a life of freedom from it. Urges can be destroyed within minutes. They are thoughts in our mind, and we only think one train of thought at a time. Think of the benefits of freedom and you’ll push away the cravings and the urges will leave you.

The fact that you’re here and you keep consistently coming back shows you’ve got strong reasons to be free. Hold onto them. Allow yourself to experience the hope that they are possible for you. You are capable of change and growth like anyone else.

You have definitely made progress. I remember how negative and miserable you used to be. You have improved and it shows. But whatever limiting belief you have is still there. When you achieve 7 days you’ll experience such a shift, a moment of great personal transformation, I really hope you get there soon.


You’re not the only one…We are together in this.


Thank you @Forerunner. I really needed this message.


Not good. Just relapsed and relapsed 10 hours ago at 12 30 am when I should have been sleeping.


Too many relapses in the past 7 days.

Currently 1 day

I am focusing on where I place my focus. Right now I had a day of cleaning up my room. Finally can see my desk and floor.


I have a question. When you start, do you except or believe that this time you will reach more than 365 days? If not, then you set a certain limit to yourself. As long as it exists, you won’t go further than you are now.
Always tell yourself this isn’t day 1 of a 4-day streak, but the first step of a limitless journey!

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I don’t set limits.

I have had only a few times believed i was getting past this and go long.

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Belief MUST come first on this journey. The man who believes he can quit PMO and the man who believes he can’t are both right.

There is nothing that compels us to do PMO. We are not broken or mentally deficient. We are fully capable of changing our behaviour when we want to change it more than we want to remain the same. To believe otherwise is to question whether we have free will. And if we don’t have free will, we may as well give up everything because whether we relapse or not isn’t even in our hands, nothing is.

No, we definitely can change. We have the freedom to choose and make better decisions for ourselves in the future. Think back and you’ll find moments where you resisted the temptation, that was you exercising your free will. Even not too long ago when you had the large order at work, you had urges but you chose to remain focused on your work instead of giving in. If it was a compulsion you had no control over, that victory would have been impossible.