The void in your life


I relized something about nofap the other day. The reason some people relapse is because they don’t know what void in their life they’re filling with PMO. For me it was the fact that I always felt that I was so bad at school and I felt like I was a disappointment to my parents. So PMO gave me an escape from reality.


Absolutely right…!
I started PMO because of the reason that I couldn’t have materialistic things which my other friends had due to financial conditions.

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Couldn’t agree more bro. I started fapping coz I always fantasized about having an awesome unrealistic sex life with the most beautiful woman in the world, but this is not reality. I came to realization and started nofap.

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Agreed, I find I need to be busy alllllll the time, and the second thing that I found has helped a lot is control of my thoughts, I stop my thoughts straight away, I notice a lot of people edge or think about pmo… I can’t do that, I have to stop my thoughts in an instant, even dwelling on an erotic thought for a second is too long.

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We get in trouble when we form habits around PMO. I agree with @paul.buys1 you have to stop those erotic thoughts. That can turn into wasted time.

Too much free time is probably bad for most of us. I’m struggling with a lot of free time right now, so it’s not that I have a void to fill but rather not enough to keep me busy.

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I second cooper’s comments. Every time I relapsed I was free for all day long… I need to be busy enough. When I started PMO it was all about fantasy, but now struggling to get out of this fantasised world