The universe really does work in mysterious ways

How can I be genuinely be thinking about this girl who I had a small crush on in college about 7 years ago and all of a sudden she then follows me on instagram?

I know it can’t be “just coincidence” but that would be ridiculous to believe such a thing, I believe this definatly could be because I WAS on my Day 18 streak of No Fap (Even though I did watch porn that day before) I got a follow from her a night just before I purposely and physically broke my streak the night before and peep this I was preeing her facebook just the other day before and no we don’t talk.

We haven’t talked since well at least in person since college!, we rarely chat! and whenever I did talk with her on facebook it was about 3 or 4 years ago with just a “What’s up?” “I’m good” “How’s life been?” type of thing.

Now what’s even more funny is that after she followed me, I followed back and then slid in to her Dm’s to start a conversation and it was one of the best convos I had, since I remembered she also used to sing I asked of she still did music? she replied no and her life went down hill this year because her mum just died this year 2 months ago, wow…it’s like God was telling me this girl needs to be genuinely loved and she’s upset and lonely anyways that didn’t stop the convo after that we continued talking…

Unfortunately for me that night I was already planning to purposely break my streak because I looked at porn, about an hour later she didn’t respond to me.

Now 2 weeks later after I synced in to that horrible binge session I’m now back on my streak (Not counting it this time) but I noticed she looked at my instagram story a lot…weird It’s just proof that when you’re aiming to be your best good things eventually gravitate towards you because of the frequency you’re at, seen retention is a powerful thing my friends it really is…


Thats when you realise how much control on yourself is important


Why did you purposely break your streak? That doesn’t make sense to me, it’s not the end of the world if we relapse but to do it on purpose doesn’t seem right.

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Long story, I watched porn on that streak and after that I felt that my streak was a lie to continue it

If you edge, meditate and the urge will go on it’s own. Try an app called HeadSpace, it’s great.

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then reset counter without watching ■■■■, doing otherwise is just an excuse to watch ■■■■. This is about quitting ■■■■ not getting streaks, I’m sorry if I am too harsh but I’ve had this kind of thinking before and it kept me in the dark for a long time. I wish you well Emmanuel and I hope everything works out with the girl, when the universe gives you a sign it pays off to take the opportunities it gives us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah the day 18 streak happened in early february I reset it long ago lol I had to speak the truth to myself and not live a lie, I’m back on Day 8 ■■■■ free I haven’t even been tempted to look at hot girls on my instagram feed lol, my mind feels back on the initiative, funny thing is I’ve never been the one to obsessive over ■■■■ it would just be the MO thing and fantisising alone about women naked alone that would’ve trigger me but not now though I await the challenging days ahead lol and thanks man I appreciate that :facepunch:t5: