The truth about sun ☀️ rays

What you need to know about the sun rays.

Sun rays are source of Vitamin D which play massive roles in muscle development and release of your body hormones.

If you don’t get sun, you are lowering your testosterone level hence hindering your happiness.

Lack of sunlight is detrimental to mental health.

Bathe in sunlight daily (At least 20 - 30 minutes) and watch your physique and mind flourish.

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Will try it buddy.,…,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

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Need to do this more regularly
But just wanted to add one more thing
Its good to sun bathe before 10 or something dont knw the exact time


Based on Andrew Huberman’s scientific advices, it is best done as first thing in the morning. He especially said: get sunlight into your eyes. He mentioned that the glass of the windows’ filters around 50% of the beneficial lightrays, so it is best to do with open window or just go outside(ofc not in winter). It is way better to do it from behind a window than do nothing.


Don’t forget sunscreen bro


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