The transmutation challenge [Entries open for Season 1: 1 Feb - 10 Feb]

Challengers will have to complete a set of tasks daily to compete with each other. Successfully accomplishing these tasks will
be rewarded through points.
Duration of each challenge is only 10 days.
At the end of the challenge, the person with the most points will be the winner.

Rules of the challenge

1.A challenger should enlist his name before the challenge starts. If failed he may then enlist for the next season.
2.Every participant should post his scores everyday or within 48 hours, in this format :point_down:

DAY 1/10

1 February, 2021

:white_check_mark: Study +20 (5 hours)
:white_check_mark: Exercise +10
:white_check_mark: Meditation +10
:x: Complete all tasks
:white_check_mark: Pray (optional task) +10

Total: 60

3.Post 2 of this thread is the scoreboard. It is mandatory to write your daily scores there on a regular basis.

4.Kindly write down your name, sharing code and optional task on post 3

5.There will be three winners every season based on scores earned :
1st :1st_place_medal: 2nd :2nd_place_medal: & 3rd :3rd_place_medal:

Point System :

  1. Exercise = 10 points

  2. Meditation = 10 points

  3. Studying 4 hours a day = 10 points
    After the initial 4 hours, completing every extra hour will be rewarded by 5 points
    So if one studies for 5 hours, he will get 15 points total

  4. If all above 3 tasks is completed an extra 10 points will be added to the total.

  5. No pmo, no edging and no peeking = 0 points, but Failing this will result in the subtraction of 100 points

  6. Seasonal task : There will be a special task for every season (10 day challenge). For example meditation will be the special task for the first challenge.
    By completing meditation everyday you will get 30 points instead of 10. And If you can get a 5 day streak you will get double the amount you earned for the last 5 days,
    So after consistently doing meditation for 5 days you get (30*5)*2=150 * 2 = 300
    The point of this is to encourage converting this action into a habit.

  7. Optional task : you can add any extra task here like cold shower, journaling, prayer etc, and get additional 10 points as a bonus by completing it.
    Note : You can add as many task you want, but you will only get 10 points by completing all of them. And if you manage to complete only one, you get 5. For example you can add prayer, cold shower, and journaling. And by doing all three of them you will get only 10 points, and by completing one you get 5.
    Another thing : you can add or remove tasks from optional at any point of the challenge.

If you’re interested in joining the challenge then enter your name in post 4 in the new entry board.

In case of any queries ask admins for help.

Admins : @Kaizen, @rewire_user, @nofapstar123

Also any suggestions of improving the format or rules of the challenge is always welcomed.



Special task : Meditation

Challenger Score
1. Kaizen 85
2. Aditya 65
3. rewire_user
4. nofapstar123
5. Rohan
6. The_wild_perception 665
8. PrDr 555
9. Samaranjay 820
10. Dean_Ambrose
11. Fizuli 230
12. Luffy 435
13. Busyman
14. Mahesh27_03
15. emmanouilNF
16. Ash_Matt
17. scorpion99
18. strongwillpower
19. KarmaYogi
20. sandey
21. GOVIND 19 100
22. Valiant_warrior 115

Participants of Season 1

1. Kaizen (elmade)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Zero Procrastination
:arrow_right: Complete 2600 calories in myfitnesspal
:arrow_right: Wake up at 6
:arrow_right: Sleep 8 hours
:arrow_right: Plan ahead next day

2. rewire_user (ko8y31)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Morning Prayer
:arrow_right: Zero Procrastination

3. Aditya (838178)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Complete all tasks.

4. Nofapstar123 (ea1v0q)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Zero Procastination
:arrow_right: Revise a topic for 45 mins

5. rohan

Optional task
:arrow_right: Cold Shower
:arrow_right: Zero Procastination

6. snehilsiddhartha

Optional task
:arrow_right: Reading for 30 minutes
:arrow_right: Working on goals

7. PrDr (pp3rlt)

Optional task
:arrow_right: 1 revision exercise or mock test/test

8. Dean_Ambrose (a5ssyg)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Pray to God

9. Samaranjay (rsf37c)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Morning kriya yoga
:arrow_right: Praying to God, don’t skip big pooja on Wednesday

10. The_wild_perception (4v5v1h)

**Optional task

:arrow_right: Wake Up Early**

11.Fizuli (0k8mjn)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Read 20 minutes daily

12. Luffy

Optional task
:arrow_right: Cold Shower

13. Busyman

Optional task
:arrow_right: Kapalapathi or wim hof breathing in morning
:arrow_right: 3 Part Breathing or Analom Vilom before bed
:arrow_right: Talk with one stranger
:arrow_right: Skin Care
:arrow_right: Talk Kindly/Calmly Full day without Angry
:arrow_right: Type class
:arrow_right: Journaling
:arrow_right: Plan Next day before bed
:arrow_right: Track Your Diet

14. Mahesh27_03 (n1jy9g )

Optional Task
:arrow_right: Read Bhagwat Geeta

15. emmanouilNF (h0hbf5)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Cold Shower
:arrow_right: Every night making a plan for the next day

16. Ash_Matt (zs7f7h)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Hybrid shower
:arrow_right: Sleep by 11 pm except on Sundays
:arrow_right: Wake up by 4.30 on all weekdays
:arrow_right: Social sites only after 6 pm (includes Rewire Companion and Habitica)
:arrow_right: Work on my writing daily
:arrow_right: Habit stack and Tempt bundling
:arrow_right: Workout 5/7 days a week other days basketball

15. scorpion99 (anpvlq)

Optional task
:arrow_right: reading Quran everyday

16. Realmana (42y715)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Perform All Namaz With Tahajjud, Recite Quran
:arrow_right: Cold Shower

17. valiant_warrior (aeo22v)

**Optional task
:arrow_right: Wake at 5:30am except Friday
:arrow_right: Prayer
:arrow_right: Quran

18. strongwillpower (j1jkyj)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Read Bhagwat Geeta.
:arrow_right: Complete the library issued book in first season itself. (Read it daily)
:arrow_right: Not watching soft porn. No PMO.

19. KarmaYogi (thxmdu)

Optional task
:arrow_right: Affirmation and visualisations (twice)
:arrow_right: Wake up by 4:00 AM
:arrow_right: Read 2-5 pages of a book daily
:arrow_right: Affirmation and visualisations (twice)


New entry Board

1. Kaizen
2. rewire_user
3. nofapstar123
4. Aditya
5. Rohan
6. The_wild_perception
7. snehilsiddhartha
8. PrDr
9. Samaranjay
10. Dean_Ambrose
11. Fizuli
12. Luffy
13. emmanouilNF
14. scorpion99
15. valiant_warrior
16. strongwillpower
17. KarmaYogi
18 . Sandey


Medal Cabinet :medal_sports:



Hi, guys! I wanna join this challenge. When are we starting?


Count me in bruh

Add waking up early too, It ll make this challenge legendary


I urge everyone of my friends to Join this Challenge :fire:

This Will help us to stay busy and initialize our Reward System 

@Dean_Ambrose @_TIGER @Tagore @rohankians @Samaranjay @Luffy
@valiant_warrior @Ash_Matt @GOVIND-19

Are You with me in the Process of becoming the best :muscle:

I don’t want this thread to get closed or become inactive.
Maintain Regularity guys ! Best of Luck


@Kaizen I’m ready to join this , but I have problem in waking up early , I usually prefer late night studies and wake up around 8:30 . And I don’t want to experiment something new now .


ok then, I’m removing that rule.


Cool … count me in then :fire::facepunch:


@rewire_user could you delete post 6 of yours, as I’ve made post 2 the scoreboard and I think it’s better if everyone update their tasks daily instead of editing a post.

And thank you for inviting others :+1: :pray:

@emmanouilNF , @Dean_Ambrose , @The_wild_perception and @rewire_user welcome to the challenge friends.
Kindly read the rules and the point system.

The challenge will start from 1st Feb.


sooooooooooooooooooooo its begining!!! im excited and ready to improve myself
thanks @Kaizen for this challenge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re most welcome buddy. :relaxed: :hugs:


Hey @Kaizen Take me in friend. :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course!! you’re in!! Welcome to the challenge :handshake:


@Saim @Busyman @PrDr I invite you guys to this challenge.



Added my name


No problem, just focus on slaying your goals.
That’s the whole point. :facepunch:


Buddy other then praying I do all of them daily…

Pmo only when I relapse… But…
I wake up by 6 630
Study meditation and excercise I am doing them from 45 days. I don’t think it is necessary to to update them daily…
Can I set up my own goal for 10 days… Here