The Thousand Urges Challenge! [Challenge Ended]

Imagine you just overcame your 1000th urge and you see the “1000 Urges overcame” written on a page.

How powerful would you feel?. Imagine your growth and self control after defeating 1000 Urges!. :fire:
I know I would be an unstoppable beast!!! And you too!!!

How this challenge works

This challenge is simple. Check in everyday with number of urges defeated since the start of this challenge. eg

“Check in Day 50 :white_check_mark:
210 urges overcame till now”

Specific Badges are awarded according to urges overcame!!! :fire: The list is at the end of this message.

And don’t worry, if you relapse, the urges count don’t drop to zero. You just continue from where you left. But you can reset the counter if you wish to. The main goal is to improve your confidence and self control and not letting relapse keep you down.
Relapse is nothing but a teaching moment. It doesn’t mean you can’t control, it just means you chose wrongly at moment of weakness.

How to join

To join this challenge, write your name with your best tip for surfing the urges. So, let’s go people!!!


I’m taking a break. To take part in this challenge, just add yourself or just start posting. No need to add yourself, you are already part of this challenge.

Tips for managing urges:

1. It’s totally normal to experience urges. Even at day 3000, you will feel urges because you are HUMAN!. So don’t panic if urges arrive.

2. Avoid triggers and factors like stress, procrastination and lack of sleep.

3. During urges, don’t fight. Just surf the urge. Observe how you are feeling. focus on your urges. They are just suggestions and nothing more. You have all the control. Focus on your breathing.

4. Focus on something else when urges come. Become busy. Don’t be alone. Go for a walk. Talk to family members or friends. Change your physical location.

5. Have a productive routine and healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Have future goals and aspirations and work for them.

6. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Have a powerful mindset!. It will help you persevere.

List of Badges awarded according to urges overcame :fire:

  1. Prisoner
  2. Detainee (2 Urges Overcame)
  3. Inmate (3 Urges Overcame)
  4. Captive (5 Urges Overcame)
  5. Slave (7 Urges Overcame)
  6. Serf (10 Urges Overcame)
  7. Freeman (14 Urges Overcame)
  8. Warrior (21 Urges Overcame)
  9. Fighter (28 Urges Overcame)
  10. Soldier (35 Urges Overcame)
  11. Knight (42 Urges Overcame)
  12. Guardian (50 Urges Overcame)
  13. Protector (60 Urges Overcame)
  14. Hero (70 Urges Overcame)
  15. Champion (80 Urges Overcame)
  16. Lord (90 Urges Overcame)
  17. Baron (100 Urges Overcame)
  18. Viscount (120 Urges Overcame)
  19. Earl (140 Urges Overcame)
  20. Count (160 Urges Overcame)
  21. Duke (180 Urges Overcame)
  22. Prince (200 Urges Overcame)
  23. King (250 Urges Overcame)
  24. Emperor (300 Urges Overcame)
  25. Legend (350 Urges Overcame)
  26. Icon (400 Urges Overcame)
  27. Titan (450 Urges Overcame)
  28. Giant (500 Urges Overcame)
  29. Colossus (550 Urges Overcame)
  30. Vanguard (600 Urges Overcame)
  31. Paragon (650 Urges Overcame)
  32. Monarch (700 Urges Overcame)
  33. Majesty (750 Urges Overcame)
  34. Overlord (800 Urges Overcame)
  35. Sage (850 Urges Overcame)
  36. Master (900 Urges Overcame)
  37. Grandmaster (950 Urges Overcame)
  38. Archon (1000 Urges Overcame)

This list uses “Urges Overcame” instead of “Day” to emphasize the idea of overcoming challenges and staying committed to your goals.


This challenge is now closed. If you are looking for a challenge to join, you might find one in the Latest Challenge topics


  1. @iNeverGiveup420
  2. @Ryangosling
  3. @The_Rising_One
  5. @Abhishek_V
  6. @Adioz
  7. @Mahoraga
  8. @Nadeem
  9. @Aaybee1992
  10. @Juvenal

That’s interesting
i am in…


Let’s go brother!!! Adding you :smile:


Thankyou for joining this challenge…let’s normalise become comfortable being uncomfortable


You’re welcome and this is a great topic i think,since urges are the real fight,it seems we will get over them if we try but we fail.So keeping this in mind i think this challenge will help us a lot if we follow it properly


Yes exactly… Being comfortable with presence of urges would be a very good thing for us if we want to be free of PMO.


Count me in bro. Just a suggestion like how about we give badges for each urge fought ? I mean in the sense we have all RC badges for certain milestone streak ryt. Same itself but replacing no of days with no of urges.

Like 1 urge defeated - Prisoner badge
" " 2 " " - Migrant Badge

I am sure a man who overcome his urges 1000 times will have a very good streak by then.


Bro I have got around 2-3 urges in the last 20 days. So going by that, my streak will be atleast 6600+ days and for this reason it’s stupid for me to join this challenge.


I’ve added you…welcome bro…

That’s a nice suggestion. I will work on this.

Relapse doesn’t reset the urge count so I don’t know about the huge streak but that man will have a better streak and awesome control if he follows this challenge.


3 urges per day for 20 days means 60 urges defeated.
I think if streak is not broken and average urge is same then by 1000 urges the streak will be more than an year.


Bro I would love for you to join this challenge and give it a try. It would be a new experience.


@iNeverGiveup420 , I will start my update from this moment onwards.


Nah, it’s 3 urges total in 20 days. Almost like getting one urge in a week.


True. But then for every relapse the urge defeat counter won’t count.

Let me explain. Say you defeated 15 urges but gave in to the 16th so your defeated urges will be 15 and 16 total urges.

So to complete this challenge, you need to defeat 1000 urges.

What’s your thought about this rule?


Oh yes, I understand. You are right. Then this challenge is for those who struggle with urges.

But you can have a target of defeating 100 urges instead of 1000 urges.


Yes exactly, the urge defeated is what matters as it gives confidence that I have defeated that many urges. Relapse is not the concern here.


Yeah or maybe 50.
50x6 = 300


So shall I add your name?


Check in Day 4 :white_check_mark:
Total urges defeated till now: 5 :white_check_mark: