The thought of pornstars

So I’m in week three, and lately my so called ‘favourite’ pornstars have been entering my thoughts as if I miss them… i know its only lust but it’s quite annoying and brings on an urge.
Did this happen to anyone else ?


That always happens. :disappointed_relieved:

Everyday happens with me …I am extremely addicted to watch my pornstar…even I have watched their 100 times single porn videos …but there after I couldn’t control myself …I really miss them … I had reached to the level that they were god for me and I fapped everyday day to see their videos

Find a life then come to NoFap.


Hi stick to your nofapp goal and change will come for the better. If you young you will reap the benefits. If not make the most of life. I was addicted to one particular porn star for reasons I still cannot understand but the bitch made her millions and quit but left us the end users messed up in the head. Till we sort ourselves out we not going to resume as normal individuals.


Hey man where do I find the code ?

Home then companions and option is in there

guys please can you please don’t go into the details. some people who read these posts may get triggered and curious and relapse. some people are really weak you know.


Sorry brother next time I will remember …same is with me …

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i think especially name dropping is not the best ib this forum. either you know them and get remindet or you don’t know them and you get curious.


35807d heres my code