The start of my nofap journey

Hello friends , im ameen

started my nofap journey today 19th march 2022, i had this pmo habit for past 12 years started out of curiosity , but it became addiction in my college life. I was drown in the dark world full of depression , anxiety, emptiness and never ending desire for orgasm. and most importantly my sad emotional traumatic past love life filled with betrayal , abandonment, rejection. i was very desperate for love and affection, which made me easily vulnerable. and i lost my happiness in my life I don’t know how to find it. which made me to search for happiness in something else , easy and quick. that’s how i got struck in it. It eventually became my addiction, my source of dopamine.

now i realize this porn and masturbations are just escape from reality. its whole separate world. my addiction is so bad that whole day is consumed by PMO. my studies gone down , my relationship choices failed , in top of that my family heavily depends on me. they have hope on me that I’ll build and support family and solve all the problems we are facing now. but here I’m losed in dark world , isolated , alone , depressed and demotivated. today I decided to stop , decided to face my reality with a strong will and go out ther make the life i wanted.

happiness is within ourselves. let’s take on .

wish me good luck :slightly_smiling_face::v:

Let’s go day 1 :muscle:


Wish you good luck man.

Glad you have decided to start and you shared your story. :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you :pray:t4::blush:. very much appreciated.

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