The spiritual world

yes that’s me on day 12, past 2-3 days are way to hard for me to control urges i have a high libido heavy headness and leathergy! i just wanna fap ! but i didn’t i get a book of swami vivekanand : meditation and it’s method i read that book for constanly 3-4 hours I’m lost in this book and time flies!
what i get to learn is that meditation is the way we can control ourself our senses and our mind!
now there are various methods i choose the spiritual one the meditation based on jaapa!
today i have done around 501 jaapa and clearly i saw that now there isn’t any lust inside me nor any bad thought! i am feeling sonething heavenly can’t describe in words my heart fell light and now i can say that I’m one step closure to spirituality.
swami Vivekananda was a great personality who can influence any one with just a book.
An incident where ramakrishna ‘the guru of vivekananda’ touched him he fill that entire universe is exxegerating into an small peace all this thing merge into each other!
This proves the power of spirituality one who is chaste and preserve his chastity is the one supreme in spiritual world he can cntrl his actions his mind and sometimes the mind of others too. i can clearly see the glow and smile my face has!

‘om namo bhagwate vasudevaye namah’!!

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