The second day of 2019


I am 13. I want to have a new start of my life at the new year.However ,I lose last night.I can’t hold myself.What should I do, should I find a social worker? Because I have started this bad habits for 1 year. Last year my mother start fighting with cancer but she lose at October.What should I do.


Do Brahmacharya upto age of 25 yrs.

If you do this… you will have a nice job, salary, car & your own home.
Then, girls will get in line to marry you.
Select any girl of your choice then.

If you keep fapping & moving like a dog behind girls your life will become a living hell or you may die also.


Brother you have plenty of time to reach top of the life . At the age 13 your life Start now . You did not loss anything . Go and study hard for your making yourself proud . Go and play games outside . Go and read self help books . Go and take care your father . Go and running early in morning .

Don’t waste your time on this app . It’s not for kids otherwise you will be miserable . Because here you will find only those people who lost so much in their life due to this. Don’t waste time .

If you will work hard for yourself then it will be tribute to your mother.

Go kid go kid right now .


Thank-you for your comment,I will keep going and quit fap from now on.


Thank-you for your comment.I will work hard from now on and don’t waste anytime.Thanks again.


i would definitely recommand a social worker or psychologist. if i would have to start again i would immediately search for external help.
especially because of what you told about your mum (my condolence for that)

if there are other problems around, quitting porn without getting another addiction is tough. you can easily fall for computer games or something similar which isn’t better


Dont worry @9487 you are already a warrior. The mayority of people realize that the pmo is bad after 18 but you have all your adolescence ahead! and if you stop now you will have a better physical and mental development. Try to search for help to overcome what happened with your mother and be a better person every day for her love. Remember that the only thing you have to do is not give up, not matter what happens, you are already a winner, so keep fighting :muscle::muscle:

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Thank-you for your comment , I will be strong and keep fighting!!

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Congratulations for starting this so young.Avoid the following danger zones: being alone in general, having internet access while alone, using the internet while alone, using the internet excessively, lying in bed without being asleep, spending more time than necessary in the bathroom.It may not be possible to avoid these scenarios completely but be aware when you are in them.Get out as soon as possible and have determination and confidence to fight like a true warrior.

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