The reflect and recollect challenge

Hello there!
If you are here, you would be wondering what this group is about. In short, this is about reflection and recollection.

What this group is about:
The secret behind many successful people is one word: reflection. All successful people reflect on what they did right, where they went wrong and how they can improve.

What does this do with productivity?
A lot. This group aims to encourage you to maximize productivity. Because, even if you spend 6 hrs a day studying/working, if you are not being at your most productive, it’s not a winning situation.

How do I post in this group/join it?
Simple. Just add yourself to the wiki(2nd post). But do this only if you are committed . You should update here daily, or at least every 48 hours.

What do I post?

  1. Measure your day on a scale of 1-10. 10 being supremely productive, you could not have spent the day better, and 1 being a wasted day. Reflect privately on your choices, as all days are the same. It is just the choices that differ. Please post your reflections if you feel it will help others.
  2. Write down one clear thing you made a mistake in today.
  3. Write down one clear positive change you will do tomorrow, or implement in your lifestyle from this time on.

Please note:

  1. This is experimental and the challenge may undergo changes/discontinuity.
  2. This is not a journal. Many of the companions here may have their own diaries. This is solely from a productivity point of view.

This is your day. The green lines represent good choices and the red lines represent bad ones. Your choices influence your day. So keep improving.


Productivity warriors:

  1. adulrakha
  2. Ash_Matt
  3. DARSHAN2017
  4. Einzelganger
  5. EvilMorty
  6. Karan050
  7. Saim
  8. udaCisie
  9. modernmedico
  10. Murshid
  11. Nofapstar123
  12. TheRewireUser
  13. Mahesh27_03
  14. Robot29
  15. Nuwanda

I hope this works out well :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll begin.
Firstly, thanks to all my companions who joined.

About today:
I’d probably say 6.
I wasted time reading novels and watching some movies. I could have studied more. Mostly I read too much today. That was non profitable and my one clear mistake of today.
One clear action I will do tomorrow: Tomorrow I will undertake a zero procrastination day. Absolute zilch procrastination. However I will be specific and allow myself breaks, which are: playing instruments, sketching, working on a collab with my friend, reading non-addictive, good books and resting.

@adulrakha @DARSHAN2017 @Einzelganger @EvilMorty @Karan050 @Saim @udaCisie


Productive day like 9/10

Mistakes: to much time was spent on social media writing with the girls. Especially before ending every single task.

Poor controlling every single thought so my mind starts to produce some slight urges based on thinking of porn

Good change: social media after doing every task(i’m not counging this app)

I’ll focus more attention to how i think

Another mistake. Some kind of complaining, I was too emotional(solution: better control emotions)


@anon14496424 @modernmedico Great to see you!
Guess you’ll start posting this evening?


If anyone wants to leave this challenge, please DM me. No problem :slight_smile:


Last day went good
8/10 yesterday
I woke up an hour late. Making me want to rush a bit and still a 30 minutes behind. I also, mind wandered a bit more while studying.
But went ok.
Today waking up on right time.
10 hrs study is my aim.


Date :27-07-2020
Yesterday went good.

Productive day 8/10

Mistakes: Used phone for sometime while doing Yoga.

Good change for today: I will try to not use phone while doing Yoga.


27 July, 2020
Rating: 4/10
I wasnt that productive. I procrastinated a lot. But I completed my target study.

For today my goal is to study more.


27-07-2020 (Yesterday)

I would say (9/10)

Definitely it was a productive day worked for 9+ hours, also learned about a new technology to improve my knowledge, did meditation and exercise to improve my fitness.

Mistakes: Used mobile whenever I got the time.

Note for today: Reduce using mobile.


Sure thing. Thank you for adding me.


@modernmedico Sure :+1:
@nofapstar123 Glad to see you! Hope that you will also jot down your thoughts this evening about the day.


Yeah dude! I liked this challange alot.


I would give 9/10
Today I was productive but I could go a little more. I studied 9 hours today.
My mistake: I am constantly worrying about useless things.
Things I wanna change: I want to reduce my worry. I’ll try


Jun 28
Score 8/10
I calculated the score on the basis of ;
Rest(good sleep & relaxation) :arrow_right: 2/2
Prayer :arrow_right: 1/1
Studies :arrow_right: 0/1(didn’t completed the portion)
Exercise :arrow_right: 1/1
So total 4/5 or 8/10

Important lesson learnt today
Asle Mard YouTube series by Salil jamdar (learnt the -ve effects of PMO addiction. I cried while watching it)


Juli 28
The day has not ended. Still to this moment was productive than before.
But not planned which cost me money & time both.

Mistake: No planning. Did everything spontaneous.
Rectify: Will take a moment and plan everything beforehand.

Now I’ll read a book. Do some pushups.


I’d say 8/10
I studied decently 7 hrs, but towards the end I wasted some time reading novels.
I stuck to my no procrastination day, however.
I made the mistake of staying up late to read.
One thing I’ll rectify- Always try post the journal on the group by 10.45 and go to sleep.
@nofapstar123 Why happened bro? Maybe you should try meditation? It might help? I also worry alot sometimes. :confused:
@anon14496424 I really like the way you are systematically honestly checking you day :+1:
@modernmedico Glad to hear your decision.
Failing to plan is planning to fail :slight_smile:


I wasted the whole day. I relapsed and spent the whole day sleeping. I became fustrated at night. I felt like to cry. But I started again

I wasn’t strictly following my daily routine. So my plan for tomorrow is to be disciplined and I will study 6 hours.


It’s ok brother.
Reemerge from the ashes like a phoenix.
Make your days :fire:


yestersay, 28/07/2020 went ok
I give 8/10
Still can’t beat my record of 10 hrs.
had a nocturnal emmision today morning at 5AM which is like 2 hrs before my wake up time.
And shit, I didn’t get any sleep afterwards, I was wide awake on bed thinking only about how stupid people are. XD for like 2 hours.
BUT I will still make it to 10 hours today. Pray for me.
And may god help us all.