The reason why I still watching this shit

Recently I’ve been thinking about my addiction in porn and I think that I found one of the reasons why I still watching this shit.

When I was 12 I had my first contact with internet porn and with 14 years old I was already addicted. Because for this addiction I wasn’t really good to talk with women, I tried but I couldn’t hold a conversation cause I was too anxious and I wasn’t a interinteresting person cause I was spending alot of time fapping instead of working on myself.

So my communication problems continued in high school and I didn’t went out with girl, which means that never kissed a girl in my life and of course I never had sex.

The fact that I’m a 20 years old man that never had sex and also don’t know how to conquer a woman, makes me feel like a piece of shit. It’s too late for me, I’ll probably die a virgin cause I didn’t learn how conquer a woman when I should have (13 -17). And if I had a opportunity to have sex with a woman (which will never happen), would be a disaster cause I have no idea how to touch a woman (I don’t even know how to kiss).

So with all that I see in porn a temporary comfort (that destroys me and make the things worse) and in my head I know that porn is the closest thing that I’ll have to sex in my life.

Now all I’m trying to do is teach myself that sex isn’t that important and it’s ok to be a virgin for the rest of my life. If I had a opportunity to do it probably the girl wouldn’t be ok with that cause a 20 years old guy shouldn’t be a virgin ( I’m saying that cause all my friends they’re not virgin anymore and they make fun of me).

I just wanted to take off this weight from my back and share my feelings and if you feel the same way, don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with being virgin… sex is only one of the amazing things of life.

Feel free to comment anything :slight_smile:


Ideally you shouldn’t have girlfriend till in your late 20s.


Yes, but I should already have the ability to talk with a woman and know how to give her pleasure. I’m pretty sure that women don’t like men that don’t have a good conversation skills and don’t know how give a sexual pleasure… like I said it’s too late for me, but sex isn’t the only thing that life can offer. I’ll break free from this shit and keeping focus in develop myself and be a better person.

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i lost my virginity at 20. I used drugs as social lubricant to be something like a performance for people. The girl saw i was life of the party and hit on me through facebook. I couldn’t orgasm for a long time because of porn use and she didn’t want to do it again and broke up with me.

I say that to say this. You have made women your god and are suffering for it. You should be worshipping “you” at this point of life, but you have abandoned yourself to seek female attention. When you do that your inner self gets mad like “why doesnt he pay attention to me” and how do you react… self harm through porn use.

Im not telling you what to do, but i know what brings about suffering because i have suffered


Yes too much break up and hook ups will leave you mentally broken. Focus on yourself right now. Develop yourselves every way. Be in best physical shape, do great career wise. Conversation skill will automatically come to you.

When you will have a Ferrari you won’t have to say a cheesy pick up line to attract a women. You just have to open a door and they will come.


You’re right I should make women as my ultimate goal, but “myself” should be my ultimate goal. I’m trying to do it, but it’s not easy…

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Yes, I totally agree with you… if I’m good with myself and I’m a man of value, everything will work out…

If your 20 and not had sex it’s not a big deal sex isn’t a thing which should be done at a certain age it’s something to do with a appropriate partner and if that takes lil time it’s actually good

Your really lucky to still have a chance to make it correct the first time you do it

Because causal sex just to have it actually bring a lot of problems and emotional distress at times later in life I am 32 and I wish I had known this before

Currently your hormones are at peak so it’s ok to feel sex is the most important thing even your frnds might be feeling the same hence they think having sex is the most curcial thing in this world but believe me later you’ll understand there is so much more to life then just sex actually If you act smart channel this urgh into energy to improve your self learn something which is useful for your future join a gym , join a course in which you have interest in if your already doing that then learn something extra like managing money these things will be more important
and give a much bigger feeling of achievment later in life then having sex and not being a virgin

And your just 20 you have a lot of time to get a girl if you keep improving yourself don’t masterbate and be yourself even if your shy girls will approach you on there own

Also right now the girls you will be with have no idea who they are what they want to be the sex is just due to the hormones but being in a relationship with a girl who you think is smart has a goal in life and you find her attractive and admire her and then having sex with her is way better then the casual sex most of your friends are having

Be smart don’t let there stupid jokes of not having a girl affect you use the youthful energy you have now build yourself up later the same friends will be having a emotional breakdown can’t handle stress at work fighting with their partners cause someone among them had sex outside or extramarital affairs ,you’ll be managing work and money well and have a beautiful smart and attractive girl by your side and they will be the joke


Well your perspective really makes sense, I’ve been thinking about it. I shouldn’t care about sex and I should just focus on my self development because If I’m a man value, women will come to me naturally.Bit it’s really hard to keep focused when your hormones are at the peak and everybody around you already had sex, I feel like a creep that don’t belong anywhere… So it makes me feel demotivated to keep going, cause seems to be pointless to keep going since I’m not like everybody else…

However what you said give me inspiration to keep going, since you older (have more experience) and you said that I still have time to make the things right. So I’m not give up I’ll quit PMO, develop myself and be a better person…

Thank you for the words

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Won’t you mind if I say from woman’s perspective? At first - you have plenty of time, indeed! In fact, I’d love to be 20 now. Would do some things differently… so - Don’t waste your precious time on saying and acting like you’re too old. None of us knows when the last day of our lives comes. Yes! Make something to improve yourself, find some topic that you find interesting and dive into it (maybe you can start with material that explains how your brain operates, that may help to deal with your addiction :wink:). Find that curious kid in yourself that once you used to be! Aaaaand. About ladies. You can start with chatting online (some kind of pen pal). It’s easier, as you don’t have to face that person in person, you know, just two of you, where you have nowhere to hide or run and stress out thinking how to interrupted that awkward silence, when you both ran out of words. So - straight up you shoulders - you can do anything, I believe you can!


Yes, I have to teach my brain to don’t overthink this whole “20 years old virgin” situation. Now that you (a woman) told all these things to me I’m feeling relieved and happy that I still time. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still worried about the fact that I don’t have experience so maybe I can make a a woman be satisfied with me, but I’ll try to avoid these thoughts. I’ll improve myself and eventually thng will work out…

Thanks for your words :blush:

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I’d preferred 20 years old recovered from p*** virgin. Not a stallion who had 10 ladies before me. But that’s only my opinion :slight_smile:


it is okay to be a virgin…your virginity is the greatest gift to your future spouse




I wish that I found a woman who has the same opinion as you…

I don’t know if I will have and spouse but I understand what you mean

Capitan American is the god of no fap :joy::joy::joy:


Again :rofl::rofl: another example of too much exaggerating things. Your age isn’t even right age to start relationship with women, your hormones are at its peak, that’s the reason you are having such thoughts that you are shitty piece who didn’t get any girl in life.

20s is the time to invest Into yourself, learn skills required to succeed in life. Focus on your career dude

Imagine if Bill Gates had been a horny teenager,and obsessed for sex, and had listened to his horny friends, he would have been just a random guy now. By age of 23,he was already world first youngest billionaire . He got married after 30.

I’m not asking to become next bill Gates,just want to tell make a purpose in life, don’t forget your goal for getting a hole.


Yes, you’re right I got stop being a horney teenager and become a man with purpose in life. Tonight I will take few hours to settle down a plan for my life. I’ll define my goals and the ways that I can achieve them…

Thanks for your advice:)

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Yeah man, 20 is not the end of your life. You’re only getting started! And sex isn’t the most important thing in life despite what your friends make it out to be. There’s so much more in your self discovery, the life lessons you’ll learn, and the people you’ll meet.
You’ve got time. Don’t feel like you need to be a Chad by tomorrow. And trust me, there are many women who prefer a modest, committed virgin. I know them. They all go to church lol.
And for everyone out there, even if you don’t meet that standard or continue to struggle with addiction, there’s grace for your future. You don’t have to let your past prevent you from who you want to be.
God bless, brothers!