The Real Purge.How to cure the disease of PMO

Sexual urges and desires are like fire. You can never suppress fire , nor can you control it. It will burn your hands and spread more and more. If we do not realize the danger and keep feeding it fuel it will increase even more. However can you not extinguish fire ? Pour water over it and extinguish it while it is still small. The core nucleus of the bonfire if disturbed the fire doesn’t burn for long. This is what I have learnt in the last 10 days. In the last 1 year I have tried NoFap many times. Tried to suppress my urges to watch porn and masturbate forcefully. The result had been relapsing again and again. And even when the streak was a week long(which had been my maximum before this) I grew restless, feeling the fire in my groins and genitals burning me from inside out. Such is the power of sexual fire. However this time I tried something new. I desensitized myself about sexual thoughts. They don’t excite me anymore. They dont cause erections in me anymore. and even when I have erections I no more feel the fire in my sexual organ. No more urges to masturbate. How I did desensitized myself:-
1)Keep a feeling of disgust about sex in your mind . Even the thought of something sexual will cause a feeling of nausea.
2) Keep yourselves a hell busy. My exams are in the month of April. The thought of doing sums excites me more than the idea of watching porn, masturbating or even truly exciting activities like going out with friends. Such is the power of staying busy.
3)Never feel superior to anyone else regarding Nofap. We are not doing something superior than others here. We were derailed from our ideals of life, we followed the path of indiscipline, we are now just getting back on track. Good day to you. Dont suppress , only extinguish. Because when you suppress a disease it may come back in a stronger form . You just have to throw it out of your body AT ONCE. How to do it? I just mentioned it above.


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