The Power Of Fasting

Hello Everyone,

Peace to you all, whatever time zone you’re in, I hope this helps you even a little.

Fasting is an age-old practice to put the body into submission. Many people fast from food for a meal or 2, many from television or video games. The Bible is full of examples of people who fasted: Moses, Jesus, Elijah, Paul, the entire nation of Israel, and the Early Christian Church in Acts.

Fasting is a tool for large efforts in acheiving self-control. It’s like a tractor, which plows large areas of rough soil. If you find yourself struggling with pmo today, or anyday, fasting will greatly help in supressing your urges. The Lord will do the rest. :grin:

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How do you know that fasting supress urges?

Experience, my friend :slight_smile::wink:. When we tell our body ,“No. No food for you”, it is also far easier to tell our body, “No” for many other things. Many ancient cultures have used fasting to teach self control, and in the United States, Native Americans used it to help their young men control sexual urges.

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I will also start fasting every Monday & Thursday insa


I hope you are successful! I suggest you start in small steps. Perhaps just skip 1 or 2 meals a week, but I fully encourage you if you can go further :slight_smile:.

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Humans have been fasting since the dawn of our species. By practicing it regularly, we are helping our body to function at its best by allowing our insulin levels to stabilize, grant our cells time to repair themselves and overall reduce the number of excess calories we consume…


Absolutely my friend! Fasting is packed with physical benefits. It is also filled with spiritual benefits. How can we be courageous men with a broken spirit? Fasting gives its user increased self control, which is why my self-esteem increases like a rocket each time I do it. REIGN IN YOUR FLESH, GUYS!

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That’s great idea
I will try to skip tomorrow’s Lunch


its that u get urges of food more than fap. it creates other big priority for survival, hence it may help.

I only fast once a month, but it is a full 24 hours. No food, no water. It’s best to do on a day when you don’t have work so you don’t risk being dehydrated.
For me, going a full 24 hours really tests self control. It makes my body a little weaker, but how I see it, it is easier for your mind and spirit to control a weak body. Helps you put the right things in charge.

I do this fast as part of a religious practice along with millions of others, so I can vouch for its health safety and effectiveness.

I’ve never tried short fasts really often, let me know how it works for you!

It went bad
At 5 pm I ate Maggie
6pm are loads of things with tea

Will try again tomorrow

I agree whole heartedly, I fast 48 hours a week. But I eat a high fat diet so I don’t feel the hunger, since I run on ketones. I can say with experience that the urges diminish alot, you feel calmer, more centered. Plus from what I hear there are a host of positive health benefits that come with the practice. But if I have bread and stuff like that my hunger becomes alive with a vengeance.

Check intermittent fasting.

Im trying it with schedule 8 hrs eating and 16 hrs fasting.


During Biblical times, people were known to fast not just for self control, but to be closer with God. Fasting tells your body, “God satisfies me. You don’t.” When King David went on the run, Jonathan (his best friend) fasted, because he was grieved on behalf of his friend. If your soul is feeling grief, whether because of a loved one, friend or even people in general, fast. Skip a meal, or even stop eating for a weekend. Fasting is Spiritual Feasting. We all need a well-fed spirit. :slight_smile:

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To All Of You,

First things first, I am very proud of each and every one of you for pushing through. I am fighting in this war for self control along side you, and I offer you encouragement and friendship.

Fasting is not easy. I am in no way suggesting this without having considered your great struggles against pmo. Fasting will help you. I understand how hard this is. I’m skinny and physically active. Going 1 day without food is war. Yet going 2 days without food leaves my body submissive to my commands. You know yourselves better than I, but please consider that fasting with Christ’s help is equivilant to artillery-shelling all evil trying to invade your soul. Peace be with you all.

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Hello Everyone!

I highly HIGHLY encourage anyone to fast (no food, or no phone use, or no dessert, etc; you decide) if you’re experiencing:

  1. Difficulty with self control.
  2. Lack of focus.
  3. Inner peace that isn’t lasting long.
  4. Depression.
  5. Desire to be a better lover.
  6. Desire to be closer to God.

I can’t emphasise enough how powerful fasting is, and how wonderful its benefits are. No one wants their car to drive out of control of its driver. That’s dangerous. So, don’t let your body drive you. Fasting is a powerful tool that teaches us how to drive our bodies the way they should go.

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