The possibility of recovering the old form of the body

I was having for some years a little pain in my chest region whenever I took to PMO. Now I have begun to fight it out and I am doing good. I recently completed 15 days without PMO. I wanted to know whether the damages like chest pain, hair fall, weak joints, etc be repaired by the body if we leave flapping or the changes have been made forever?

yes… of u stop pmo… much things will get better. specially hairfall will reduce … and ur mood and mind both would become active


Well, it is a no to maybe question.

Sometimes hair will grow yeah, but in balding well sorry nope, balding has a few causes =

  • genetic
  • Chemo-therapy
    -Wearing of tight hats for long periods of time
  • Over washing the hair

Weak joints not so much. It has other causes like some alcohol use like whiskey and wines and other alcohol could affect the joints. Joints need motion to get stronger.

Yeah testosterone will increase, but it is not enough. Joints need exercise like muscles. You can check out lu strength and therapy on insta or youtube for exercises targeting those joints.

Take care of them it wouldn’t help lifting heavy stuff in a proper form. Don’t overload them.

Chest pains. Well heart or lung problems. This could be caused by asma, panic attacks, heart attacks, infections and heart or lung defects. Sleep apnea can cause this too

Smoking or staying in a smoky/dusty enviroment without a mask is also a contributing factor towards chestpains.

It is a good option to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Nofap as I said can boost testosterone so it might boost hair growth, muscle growth but obviously not miraculously tho as exercise is needed too. For the chest pains not really a cure. Maybe it could be a symptom of a heart problem with the excitement of pmo your heart works alot and might be also not breathing properly during this time which cause the chest pain.

Please seek out help by a doctor! Good luck and stay strong and awesome


Yeah I realized my hairs are now not falling at that insane rate. Yet the do fall. Rest as the conditions get better I will update.

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Only if doctors understood or I could go to the doctor without causing a fuss at my home, I would have went to a doctor far earlier. I even went once. The doctor only gave me so negative feedback that I never felt like going to him again. It’s tough to be understood on such a problem.

Yet, Thank yoooooooooooo soo much for replying and giving your time. I will update my condition to you for future references.

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Okay, good luck hopefully you’ll find a doctor that wants to help you! Keep well

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