The people with small streaks saying they are happy must be feeling a placebo

I see plenty of people who have gone on for like 5 days claiming to feel a plethora of super powers and it boggles my mind. I’m on day 26 of legit no PMO without any kind of cheating and I think this is the most depressed i’ve ever felt. The negative side effects of nofap are just beginning to fade ever so slightly but i have been crippled with the worse case of insomnia, anxiety, low appetite, moodiness, and just pure unhappiness.

I wish I could have the same placebo those with low streaks are getting because there is no way in hell they are genuinely getting the effects of a reboot after less than a week.


You could be suffering from withdrawal. On shorter streaks only the benefits are seen and usually there is no withdrawal.


I’m nearly hitting my 100 day mark, and honestly I’m feeling at my worst.

I mean masturbation was my way of relieving stress but now that’s gone I haven’t really done anything about it.

But during this journey I did experience some benefits of nf, I was exercising and doing more work at the start but now not so much.


Believe you me its a rollercoaster ride! Everyone’s chemical balance is different, based on age, diet, pmo frequency, brain state and a host of other factors, so yeah you will feel different than others do.

I have gone 70 days the first time abstaining from PMO, this was 3 or 4 years ago, the super powers were real. I was also trying vegetarianism, meditation, cold showers, approaching things that i was once fearful of and just overall stepping into uncharted territory! It felt as if i was on top of the world.

Day 71 came the relapse and a downward spiral after that for at least year and a half.

I picked myself back up a few times in between but the results always felt different. It may have been the combo of all of what i was doing during that streak. Who’s to say.

But i will say this, eveing if you are a person who does not have this addiction, life can feel pretty shitty! That part of life is just that “a part of life” its what you do with it that makes the difference.

I am currently on day 15 after a 41 day streak(my 3rd 30+ streak in 1 1/2 years) something I’ve learned during a moment I found myself talking bad about my situation was that i was programming my mind to latch onto the negative of the situation which turned out to be very self defeating and if i had continued i may have given up at that moment. But something snapped in me and realized i had to change my paradigm(thinking) at that very moment which caused me to get up off my behind and change how i felt and what i would do about it.

TL:DR: You must play the cards you’ve been dealt and make them work for you, each player is always given a different set of cards to play.


I also felt the same after a streak over 100 days, there are benefits as well, like you won’t have irregular erections, or urge to masturbate all the time. Similarly, there were days when I felt my worst, the energy which I had somehow vanished.

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