The only truly problem I witness with nofap

Hey guys, so I witnessed a problem with nofap that is the only bad thing I found. There may be pre cum and stuff like that but in the end of the day it’s just annoying and not truly bad… What is bad though it’s premature ejaculation… I see my self ejaculating when I do something with a girl very quickly and need like 3 to 4 ejaculations to actually last in bed after. From the one side is good because porn and masturbation destroyed my mind and couldn’t ejaculate when I was with a girl(I’ve been thinking about porn to do ejaculate) and I had delayed ejaculation. But now I can’t last at all, even in oral sex :joy:. Maybe if I find a gf I’m in love with, I’ll have so much sex time that I’ll actually stabilize my orgasms after…


Relatable. Since we don’t stimulate our dicks manually or with toys etc., “normal” situations with a woman seem way more stimulating and thus the orgasm happens way faster. You can work around that though, if that seems to be a problem for your partner or you. E.g. be on the giving (only) end first and then penetrate or receive, whatever.

We have to keep in mind though, that our perception of how long “we should last” is heavily influenced by porn.


Thank god I’m not the only one. I got into some kind of relationship with a girl and pre-cum happens almost immediatelly and it’s annoying.
I think that with time, this’ll pass? Idk, I’m only on 57th day. If you find out any solution, please report back to me. Thank you:)

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Hey brother, precum it’s not a problem believe me, it’s actually the right thing your penis do.

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Yeah with this the stimulus of sex is kinda heavy.

But you can get some numbing liquid for a situation like this. It just calms your nerves in the head of the penis to last longer. There are other tips on this too but sadly they are a bit too arousing to share.

There is website articles on this matter and also you can consult a pharmacist or doctor for useful medication.

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